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The Nameless


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Founded by Melloblu & Crimsinred

The Nameless Guild has played:

FF14, Requiem Memento Mori, Destiny, Dungeon Fighter Online, Ark Survival Evolved, Skyforge, and many other mmo titles. 

Our latest game was: 

Ark, which we left to spend time testing Crowfall from now until the end of Crowfall’s existence. We may spend minimal time in Ark, Dungeon Fighter, or FF14 in the future. 

We Are:

We are the rejects and outcasts of society. Those that the world has shunned and left to rot in oblivion. With a burning hatred of all sentient beings, we rise from the ashes into a new world. A world in which we claim for ourselves. We will slaughter all who oppose our sovereignty. 

How we are run:

We like to promote freedom of creativity and expression within our family. Joining us will make you part of the Nameless pack. We will help supply each other and keep each other’s backs in dangerous situations. Learn, experience, grow, and fight as a team. We are welcoming any and all outcasts into our homes. Members are not required to follow orders and there are no rules. Though we do enjoy working as a community and splitting menial tasks when we can. You are the King’s And Queens of the future, and we will enslave this worlds sentient creatures together!

To Join: melloblu#3235 in discord for more information 


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