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My gripes with the faction based system

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JTC has already reasoned the Dregs campaign, which was supposed to be the first campaign to release as the "core" game module, will likely be folded into the Shadows campaign rule set because for all intents and purposes that is what the Dregs was going to be. Could it have been something different? Sure it might have actually been solo players duking it out but I have my doubts. I think the important thing that players really wanted out of the Dregs were the limited/no imports, full loot, and friendly fire. There are obvious reasons why friendly fire would not be a good addition to a factional based campaign world and highest among them would be the troll factor.

Now the issue of full loot and friendly fire mean different things to different people. On one hand you have purists who say full loot means I get to take everything, inventory and equipped items, on the other hand you have people who think fully inventory loots is full loot, and other who think it should be RNG of 3-5 items from the inventory. Personally I don't see full/unrestricted friendly fire working out in this game where the vast majority of skills are cone/aoe. SB was group immunity only which means your guild/nation could still kill you with misplaced/timed attacks especially when those battles were made up of dozens of players on each side. One of the earlier CF campaign tests followed this same logic, if a player was not in your group then they were not protected.

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57 minutes ago, Verot said:

Now the issue of full loot and friendly fire mean different things to different people.

There should be campaign rule sets with full loot just like there should be ones with partial looting. Same for friendly fire. These things should be on a sliding scale and adjust according to how players behave in those campaigns to change up the meta for those particular campaign worlds.

We won't really know how any of that plays out until we have campaign rule sets for them after launch. It's something that will need to be tested out in a test environment then pushed to live for a single campaign world. Then it should be adopted more if there's enough interest. I think that's the most practical way to find out if people will like either of them.


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23 hours ago, KrakkenSmacken said:

I suspect that once they have a functional game loop and enough players to justify it, they will try a Dregs campaign the way the allegedly "hard core" players want it, just to show them how infeasible and poor of a game experience it actually is. 

I imagine it will be a poor game experience because they never properly designed the game to play well in the Dregs ruleset.

For the Dregs campaign to work the way I wanted it to, they would have to completely remake 100% of heal abilities, 100% of ranged abilities, 50% of other abilities, add full friendly fire for both heals and damage, and then completely redo the aiming system (would need to be comparable to a FPS). So once they put another year of work into this game, they might be able to deliver a "hard core" dregs rule set.

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Crowfall is a hardcore pvp game from the start and that's not going to change. The basic definition of that phrase for me means little to no: safe zones, Care Bear servers (campaigns), and forgiveness for death. That and the whole everyone killing everyone else bit. The rest is just details in sadomasochism.

Why isn't there friendly fire and full loot yet? I don't know, maybe because it's disruptive to the game mechanics that need to be tested and it would hamper the high level progress that also needs to be tested. Frankly, I don't think anyone has good reason to complain about the game at all until it's in beta and a lot of the systems have gelled over.

I don't have a problem with friendly fire. The jackasses who TK regularly will end up on a lot of KoS lists nice and fast, permanently too because their name is their account.

I don't have a problem with full loot, like full loot. It sucks to be looted, and it's awesome to loot. Fair enough, sorta.

Why do people have a problem with friendly fire? Because teamkilling really harshes the mellow of what might otherwise be a productive, cooperative, or "safe" period of time between rampant, fantasy murder simulation adventures. It's kinda nice to have at least a couple rules keeping things in a bit of order. Having to be extra careful in a battle to not do more harm than good is nice and realistic, but can be a bit tedious. Tedious games are as fun as they could be for most people.

Why do people have a problem with getting looted? Because humans are possessive creatures, and it's adding insult to the injury of losing a fight. Sure, there's all that gathering and crafting that needs more reason to keep happening, but when you lose something you're not just losing all the time and effort put into acquiring the items, you're psychologically losing a piece of yourself and it hurts.

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