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After a few fights yesterday, I have to admit that frustrations hit the roof.


It wasn’t the FPS.  It wasn’t the skill tree retraining.  I’m not going to blaim the lag nor the servers stability.  It’s the UI.  There are so many issues with it that just isn’t pleasing to the eye, nor does it carry over well into the game.


Number 5 : Character Screen :

-          It covers 50% of your screens real-estate.  When you on top of that open the crafting window or skill window you loose 30-40% more.  It’s absolutely unnecessary.  On the contrary it’s quite annoying and irritating. 

-          Suggestion : Cut it -all- by 50%.  Make it half the size it has now.  It will still have the pleasing visual you are looking for.

Number 4 : Target Frame

-          Top left hand corner looking at your target for debuffs/health/buffs and so on moves your view -away- from where the action is at – counter intuitive and quite annoying.

-          Suggestion : Make it moveable -now please-

Number 3 : The Health Bars :

-          Looking to the top LEFT hand corner to see your health/stamina and resource takes your attention away from where it’s suppose to be at.

o   (http://i67.tinypic.com/2mnnqty.png)

-          We use to have this information at the bottom of the screen. 

o   http://i64.tinypic.com/2vhwxs4.png

-          Suggestion : Make it OPTIONAL if you want to see the XP bar from 5.4 or this health/resource and stamina bar – please!

Number 2 : The Targeting Reticule :

-          Offsetting the character to the left of the reticule is by far one of the most annoying and frustrating things presently.  It makes my number 2 on the list.   Move it back to over the characters head, yes I know that this brings in issues with the Myrmidon and the Elken, but you just have to work on it. 

-          Suggestion : Move it back to where it was, to match the classes differently depending on the height of the race.  So no matter what race u choose the offset between the head and the reticule is always the same.

I could bring in a few honorable mentions but I’m jumping directly to number 1 : The Damage numbers and Condition indication!

-          Here I hope my video says it all : https://youtu.be/-hD6DxHwhag

-          Suggestion : Scale the numbers according to distance to the target hit.  By god move the text out of view of the target, not just by a little but by a lot, as you can see in the video, a ranged character will shoot and fight by feel, not by knowing there is a target.  It’s a random toss of abilities at the cluster of enemies.  There is absolutely -no- precision nor skill involved…

Well that’s my 5 cent at least.

Edited by Soulreaver

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showing the XP bar all the time at the bottom of 5.4 strike me as quite odd, could of just only left that information inside the stat window.

i hope we get some level of customisation soon!

flytext was better in the past as well, but never perfect

i never liked the inventory always popping up in mouse mode and now it is combined with the stat window!

it is also a pain no easy way to clear previously open windows at once

many colour contrast issues e.g. reading peoples names, the reticle or ground target indicators getting 'lost' on the scenery, impossible to read any of the buff/debuff icons - too many displayed all in the same place as well

lots of clutter above heads [nameplates, faction shields, buff/debuffs]

heres the last image edit mock up i did last time this topic came up..






Edited by Tinnis
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A better default UI setup is definitely needed, and we also need to be able to move pretty much any UI element around to suit our personal preferences... I can only hope that this is simply taking a back seat for now behind things like server performance and game-breaking bugs, but those are probably the only things that should take priority over the UI (IMO).

At the end of the day when this happens is up to the Devs, and I don't doubt that they're aware of how important the UI is to the player experience! It is worth the thread to point out that the UI is rather wanting in its current state, however, and that it won't be sufficient to just gussy it up with new graphics.

Good feedback is OP! :D

P.S. Grr Winterblades.


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My suggestion to add:

  • Change the giant fly text for "KNOCKED DOWN", "SUPPRESSED"... and give them symbols above their heads for each of the CC types.. or nothing.  This text is an eyesore in combat.
Edited by Destrin

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A way to create our own. I know the default UI should look good, i also know this is pre-alpha and we might not get it till launch (either).

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45 minutes ago, Destrin said:

My suggestion to add:

  • Change the giant fly text for "KNOCKED DOWN", "SUPPRESSED"... and give them symbols above their heads for each of the CC types.. or nothing.  This text is an eyesore in combat.

Alternatively just making it into abbreviations would help quite a bit too (ie KD, SUP etc.)

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The use of excessive amounts of white-space in the UI design makes it all very unnecessarily big. For me an UI needs to be functional first before making it pleasing to the eye. This is certainly not happening right now. For a short while ACE went into the right direction by moving away from full screen windows, but the new inventory/character sheet window is a step back imo.

Some examples:

  • The skill trees. The amount of white-space here is nuts. Sometimes you even have to move the tree to see everything. The tree branches could easily be compressed. Even better, with the compressed trees I'm certain you can even show more trees on one screen thus reducing the amount of going from tree to tree. The amount of clicks I have to do to go from one tree to another is almost cruel. Take an example to Path of Exile.
  • Inventory/Character Sheet. Not only takes this combined window 40% of my screen, it also forces me to look at this window when I do other things, like configuring my power trays. The forced combination of inventory and character sheet is not something I like or need. That this window works 'just like in Diablo 3' is fine for single player games where you don't have to worry about enemies and where the game can be paused when looking at windows like this. I want my windows as small as possible.
  • The power icons. Sorry, but personally, in hindsight, I don't like them that much. Maybe it is just me, but I have to look twice to see which power they are associated with. The color scheme, the shapes. I can't follow. I get it, they follow a design philosophy that should make sense. Again form over function. The single color icons don't make me recognize them instantly. Yes, I could memorize the keybindings. But what was wrong with the beautifully square art icons from back in Hunger Dome? Like in every other mmo they work just fine for most of us.

I know you are chasing console with this game. I can see it throughout the whole game, throughout the whole design. It doesn't annoy me too much. But the console/controller friendly UI does. Crowfall is a PC game first. A game UI on the PC platform doesn't need big windows with big text and buttons that look they are designed for fat fingers on a mobile phone. Don't develop an UI that will work on a TV and/or with a controller. We use mouse and keyboard and our monitor is right in our face.

The current 5.4 UI has other flaws, which I won't mention for now. Besides, Soulreaver already covers some of them. I don't want to turn this post into a multi-page rant.


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