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Lessons learned from other current MMORPGs

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I recently read that @thomasblair was playing Albion. I'm very happy to hear that the team play some of the games currently on the market, especially games that have some similarities to Crowfall. I'm really curious regarding what Blair's takeaways were from his experience in Albion Online.  In many ways I feel like Crowfall could be the next evolution of a game like Albion Online.

Can anyone point me to the posts where Blair talks about this?


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There is a whole series they call "A murder of crows" where the devs does talk about their backgrounds, including both Todd and Blair being in it already. That would probably be your best bet for that kind of stuff, dont remember if blairs episode talk specifically about albion online long since I watched that one by now)

 (there are news post getting posted on crowfall.com when a new episodes is released as well)

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