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Do not soft launch until you have strong anticheat.

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9 hours ago, raeshlavik said:

Not really. There's no real hardware ID that can't be easily spoofed.

The best option is to not allow cheating in the first place with proper design and code. For an example of how to do everything wrong with regard to cheating an MMO, read up on "The Division". :D

if people don't know about the hardware id ban then it's possible to catch them off guard. however after it's known then they can bypass it.

I quit playing The Division specifically because they didn't perma ban cheaters.


Camaraderie ~ Loyalty ~ Honor ~ Maturity ~ Integrity ~ Duty

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On 1/16/2018 at 1:05 AM, APE said:

Sad face :(

Ranger cone would validate the kindness towards skill required to aim.... I also recognize, it is what it is and try to adjust my game play to it.... I expect to get pulled out of stealth by rapid fire spray a 180 cone because an arrow 5 meters right and 5 meters up will hit me underground...

now to say theres no skin in execution/countering, that’s a different topic.  @NchDu has a duel challenger I think.... $10 on Nch.  Who’s bringing the bonfire?  I’ll cover the roasted meats.  

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