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I saw this post yesterday and I wasn't sure if I should reply or not. I never knew Obs in Crowfall, but I know I fought against him in Shadowbane. I decided nothing could be worse than nothing so here I am.

I lost my mother to cancer fairly recently, and it was a fairly transformative event in my life, even still I can't begin to understand what his friends and family are going through. I'm so sorry for your loss, and I hope with time you can look back on the good he did and the community he worked to build with tears of joy and not sadness.


Anyway I know none of us can really do anything to make a real difference for those experiencing the loss in a situation like this, but I hate feeling like I am doing nothing, so I made a $100 donation to the Canadian Cancer Institute in Obs' name (I set the "In Memory of" field to Obs and sent it with a message to support@artcraftent.com), and until I run out of VIP tokens I'll transfer one VIP token to anyone who donates more than $10 to their local cancer institute and does the same. (Once/If Pann sends me the list)

Edited by Hi.
Turns out that artcraft's support email is NOT @artcraft.net. Who knew! Well, I sent a second $100 donation to the CORRECT email address this time and edited the right one into the post. If anyone sent a donation to the wrong address PM me.



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Quite sure I've fought Obs in every released version of Darkfall (EU,NA,UW,ROA) over the past 9 years. The fact that I won't be able to repeat the pleasure in New Dawn, and eventually Crowfall is a real blow. Can't help but feel a strong kinship with a man who's shared my niche interests in video games over such a long period of time, even if we never spoke past a quick "gf" or a trade. I spent about a combined half hour yesterday and today watching various DF footage from his channel for a nostalgia trip.

Liked this one the best. A once in a lifetime shot at the end for most.

I didn't know Obs except very superficially, so I won't say he was a perfect man who never did anything wrong and all the usual nice stuff since I don't really know. But I definitely know he didn't deserve to die and wish he was still here to play games.

RIP Obs, Lord of Death

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I remember fighting against him and LoD back in Shadowbane on the Death server.  Hard to believe that was 15 years ago now.  I respected his play and how he helped build such a strong guild.  This comes as a surprise and I’m saddened to hear of this loss.  He will most definitely be remembered.

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Wow... my prayers are with you all. We (Silver Hand) were allied with you long ago vs the R30's in Shadowbane. I'm really sorry for your loss.


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You Don't Stop Playing Games when You Get Old...

You Get Old When You Stop Playing Games!

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Heard the news a few day ago and what an absolute shock.  First met him while playing on the Death server in Shadowbane, as part of the DOM crew.  Obs was definitely one of the gaming community's best and bravest, and his loss will be felt by many.  He was the type of guy that could make a game more fun to play just because you were playing with him.... loved by friends, respected by enemies, I don't think that any online game will be the same without him.  My condolences for Obs, his family and friends, and his online family, LoD.  We lost a legend this day...

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Sad news to return to indeed. Sympathy to LoD and family. I've played many games with many guilds over the last 16 years and have only ever considered 2 of those guilds to be 'home'. Shadowbane was my first game and LoD was my first home.  Without Obs I doubt I'd have ended up here or gotten to know people I now call friends.

It's hard to lose a friend. Even if it's one you don't necessarily see all the time. You get used to them just being in comms every day and when they're suddenly not it's difficult. Keep the friends who are still here close.


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Saw this over on the LotD boards.

Obs led LoD to become one of the greatest veteran guilds still around today. I was lucky enough to interact with him a number of times across many games and he remains truly one of the greats.

Fair Wind and Following Seas!

Rest In Peace

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A custom urn for Obs has been in the works for a few months now. It will ultimately be a replica Tree of Life from Shadowbane/Crowfall. I will post pictures of it once it is completed but it's taking a while to get it designed and constructed. 

Seven had a coin made to honor Obs and took it into battle with him during a recent tournament. 


Blazzen <Lords of Death>

YouTube - Twitch - Website

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