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A couple of suggestions

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1) an auto run is sorely needed - just this past week I had to get carpel tunnel surgery on account of my 1 day of testing

2) i got either burning/poison/bleeding or I was low on hp i dunno, but my whole screen turned one color I can't see and therefore could not see anything (I'm colorblind, it was probably orange or red).  Other games put the status ailments around the parameter of the screen.

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There is in fact a state for temporary blindness where nobody can see anything, that could have been what happened to you.  If it definitely wasn't though, I would add that comment to the bug/feedback forums. 


They know about autorun. Brought it up in a Q&A several months back.  It's one of those low priority items though.

Welcome to the forums.  Grab a helmet and a spatter screen cause it can get messy in here.


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