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Stretch goals images in wrong order (funding page)

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I m not sure it is okay to make a thread since the error i will post is pretty minor so i would like to reccomend making a stickied thread to report things instead of creating multiple threads as we have now.

NVM that, the thing i would like to report is the fact that in the funding page the images for the $2.415 MILLION (+ $65K) (QA lead hire?) and the $2.35 MILLION (+ $70K) (male assassin) are swapped.

I know, pretty minor stuff.

The image for the $2 MILLION (+ $60K) (shadow ruleset) depicts what i presume is a banecircle? The thing shown in the $2.05 MILLION (+ $50K) goal? So yeah, i am not sure these 2 images should be the same.

Again, minor stuff. I just thought it was better to report since i saw it.


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