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Good day L/f some info !

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Hey, Just bought the silver founders pack, been following the game for a while. I was just wondering whats the best class for dps (specifically burst dps), there's not much info anywhere about anything on the game >.>.

Anyway thanks see you in game!

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"What is the best class for-"

"Wood-elf Rangers."

"But i didnt finish my question."

"Oh, my bad. Please go ahead."

"What is the best class fo-"

"Wood elf Rangers."


"Something wrong?"

"What is... Can i continue?"

"Sure? Your call."

"The best..."



"... rangers."


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The assassin class will probably be the best burst DPS based on how assassin classes generally work. If you have acess to 5.4 you can use that class, otherwise you will have to wait till it comes to the live server.

The Confessor and Champion used to be classified as DPS classes so there is high chance they will do that role better.

Other than that balance isnt really a thing right now. Classes are lacking in the roles department. Everyone can do everything and that includes being good damage dealers (correlates to DPS).

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