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Vagantem here, I am looking forward to the hype and the game.  For me the hype is generally as fun if not more so then the game itself.  I like to wander from MMO to MMO trying them out to varying degrees.  I still have fond memories of being a thief/puller in Shadowbane.  Be interesting/nice if something of that nature exists in this game.  I like anime, reading sci-fantasy, playing MMOs, and old school RPGs.  Best of luck to everyone and pardon the lack of a good introduction I'm going to finish off my chicken noodle soup now, dislike viruses.


-=- Vagantem -=-

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I do not do table top anymore, I did it while I was in a club back in High-School though.  Was great fun sit at a Taco Bell and table top with free refills =)  Baldur's Gate, FF series, Fire Emblem, Shining Force, Breath of FIre type games I like the most.

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