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Guinecean Thunder-A Crowfall RP


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The start of a video story idea I had using the Eternal Kingdoms system in the MMO Crowfall. Thanks to all who were willing to help out, much appreciated.
We had a rough layout of the introduction and the actual engagement was improvised.

I narrated the edited video as if telling a story, trying to maintain the dichotomy of Crowfall being both serious and tongue in cheek.

Hoping to eventually get my EK population limit increased so that I can do more of these type of things with more people as well as use the EK and the assets I have for a network hub for social interaction, trade and training.

EK performance was jittery yesterday which was kind of frustrating but I have no idea when I'm going to have to rebuild so wanted to do something ASAP.

Please feel free to provide feedback and thoughts.
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