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02/10/15 - The Knight Comes... With Music?

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02/10/15 - The Knight Comes... with Music?



Good morning!


Today, we're sharing a few new items:


- First up, the detail page for the Knight Archetype.  You've already seen this guy once (on our first character creation shot) 


- The in-game screenshot we're showing also gives a view of the environment that will be familiar to many of our ex-Shadowbane players


- We're providing two concept images for this one.  As the Knight is not gender-locked,  we're showing both the male version, and the female counter-part.


- His sample narrative is also the first one that we're releasing that is written from a posthumous perspective. 


- Additionally, you'll find below a video with the full length version of our first Crowfall track, the first 30 seconds of which you guys heard last week, at the beginning of the HellCat reveal. You might be interested in downloading the track here! (Right-click save as)




That's it for today!  More to come, later this week...




J Todd Coleman

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

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This is amazing, today's feature is nothing more than a huge piece to the lore puzzle, and the grim soundtrack of Crowfall.


"I don’t know you, and I don’t want to.

I’ve been ordered to do this, and I do as I am told. Befriending you is not a requirement.

Yes, I was a knight once -- “of noble blood”, whatever the hell that means. I died fighting for my family, for a King that I barely remember. I won him a glorious stack of rocks on a hill that no longer exists.

That seems to be my fate; I bleed for those of royal blood. And those of lower birth? I make them bleed for me.

Hell, it’s no different with the Gods – is it?

What I wouldn’t give to forget all this, and go back to the blissful ignorance of mortality.

Oh, to joust again! The trumpets and the pennants and the ale and the whores and the blood and the piss. All of it. To wrap myself in the lie, convince myself I was fighting for something that matters.

Nobility. Honor. Justice. Nothing more than words.

Enough talk. Tell me of this man we are to kill. When we find him, you hold him down. I’ll pronounce him guilty and then run him through with my blade.

I am a Knight, after all."


"I died fighting for my family..."  An immortal died, this is official, confirming my theory.  Immortals do die, only to be resurrected later, whatever resurrects them is another question that remains to be answered.  The most likely cause of resurrection is the Gods, but it could also be special magical constructs in the Eternal Worlds, we will wait and see.


New Theory

This archetype narrative, just like the Templar narrative, is hinting at a certain aspect of the Crowfall lore.  "I died fighting for my family, for a King that I barely remember. I won him a glorious stack of rocks on a hill that no longer exists."  He died for a King he barely remembers, and won a stack of rocks from a hill that no longer exists.  If you were too slow to connect this, I'll reword his sentence:  "I died for a player whose name I can't remember, and won a stack of rock materials from a hill in a Campaign that has already ended."


The hill that no longer exists is a heavy reference to the short lived Dying Worlds *Cue Grim Soundtrack*.  A King he barely remembers hints at the player not remembering the previous Campaign all that well, BUT this also means that our immortals in the lore, while resurrected over and over again each time they die, they do not retain an effective memory from the previous Campaign (It is almost as if they were reborn of mind when they enter a new Dying World).


"That seems to be my fate; I bleed for those of royal blood. And those of lower birth? I make them bleed for me.   Hell, it’s no different with the Gods – is it?"  I bleed for those of royal blood.  This hints at the player hierarchy in the game, either the hierarchy established by player warlords in the Dying Worlds, or the fealty in the EK (Dying Worlds would make more sense though, since we haven't heard a lot of interesting things from the EK).  Gods are no different, this hints at the God faction PvP Campaign ruleset (Chaos vs Neutral vs Order).  "...those of lower birth, I make them bleed for me..." These noble Knights have underlings of their own, but I doubt that there are is an Archetype below the Noble Knight in the social ladder.  Perhaps Noble Knights are just soldiers, and gain nobility and prestige with their military feats, the more fame you earn, the less you have to bleed or act as front line infantry.


@Murzerker also did a favor of pointing out a valuable clue in the concept art.  The Make Knight has the Crow from the Crest of Hero, but the Female Knight has the Gryphon from the Crest of Arkyn (Note both are on the side of Order, left of the tree, next to the sun, and against The Hunger).  This is a big reveal.  Some classes are not locked to one Crest (We are still assuming Crests are Gods, we do not yet have confirmation).


For the big finale, we go to the Knight's screenshot, can you say collateral damage?  I spot 4 burning building, 2 in the foreground, 2 in the background.  I see a river in the middle, a cluster of buildings.  Now this is most likely the Dying Worlds (f if you want to insist that it is the EK, make your case in a new thread), 4 pillaged and burning buildings.  Burning buildings don't burn forever, they break apart and are effectively destroyed.  Could this mean players can build towns wherever they want (Within certain restrictions, no building on top of Water, too close to cliffs etc).



  • Immortals can die, only to be resurrected after dying (This is their immortality).
  • Immortals do no retain effective memories from previous Campaigns (Lore).
  • Archetypes not limited to specific Crests, Knights can belong to Hero or Arkyn (Crests might be Gods, or Lore Factions).
  • Archetypes might be limited to one of the three (Order, Neutral, Chaos), but it is not yet confirmed.
  • There might be player Hierarchy in the Campaigns, or perhaps globally.
  • Burning buildings (Arguably in the Dying Worlds).  Can players build towns in the Dying Worlds?  I think so.
  • Highborn Templars and Noble Knights are most likely the same race.  Highborn and Noble imply caste.  Both are likely Human.
Edited by sneaky_squirrel

How Can Mounts Add to the Crowfall Experience?  Caravans, Hunting Boars, and more.


How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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I like the theme song. Playing it in my office now; I might be inspired to grade with a light touch :D

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Good stuff!  That in game shot is very nice. I especially like the little details, like the fact that his hand is resting on the hilt of his sword, and the fact he has both his shield, and a bow on his back.


"I am a Knight, after all."   Nice!


Also just noticed that the Knights each have a different gods symbol on their armor. Nice to see they aren't, as an archetype, limited to one choice. Unless of course that's just artistic license on the artists part.

Edited by Murzerker
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Yeah Knight is totally looking tops.


I would like to be able to be attacked by a maximum of 3 mobs same level range as me and be able to churn them down slowly without being too pressed for health! In my opinion some big mistakes are made when the knight/tank role is pretty much useless on his own, easily being overpowered by mobs and such, I think because of his shield his defense should be pretty high and even though he can't put out much damage it should be enough!


The Templar seems to be better at CC maybe taking all 3 mobs on at the same time due to AoE, but the Knight is slow but steady.

Edited by trugamer

-Truthe Yashikawa

The Lantern Watch - A Crowfall-first guild.  Welcome Home.


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First!  I really liked that theme, thanks for sharing one of my favorite parts of any game: the music!  But alas!  Who is the composer?!  I could not find any new names on the Team page!  Second, it's great to see a little bit more of the Knight!  Definitely a type I always enjoy playing in any game.



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Wooo loving the music and the Knight. The music has a game of thrones feel, i dig it.

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I don't want to kill more rats, fill another experience point bar or collect another meaningless badge. I want to play a GAME against PLAYERS, where my actions, my decisions and my SKILL will determine if I win or lose. Allies. Enemies. Alliances. Betrayal. risk. Conquest. To compete with THOUSANDS of other players for a chance to claim the THRONE. Even if i lose, the experience won't feel hollow. I don't want another worthless trophy.


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Nice! And we can have free soundtrack music? Yey! (The brass part near the end sounds like it would be really hard to play!)


Lady Knight looks awesome! *eyeballs avatar* I just might have to switch out to that one... Bangs be cool. Plus, it's fun imagining her as the one giving the backstory speech, hehe. (And I was thinking that the Knight was sounding like a lot of people in the forums, asking for more meaning behind the combats. >_>; ) Very interesting then, to hear that in some (all?) cases the mortal races have people chosen by the gods to fight against the hunger. I suspect for some of the immortal races (the stoneborn, perhaps?) they don't need to be summoned after death maybe?

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