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Great update! 5.4

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Been a great experience so far, the full wipe was a pleasant surprise ( Truely glad it happened).  Really appreciate the new features added and definitely much more stuff to keep us busy and entertained. Thanks to all the ACE team and can’t wait to see what comes on line next!  A lot of energy around last night and alway exciting to see the team engaged with the player base.  

Thanks again!

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Don’t hate!  Just kidding, everybody had good energy yesterday, even the pugs that rolled with us!  Always nice to see the guild come together and have fun.  I was pretty surprised to see epics coming out of lvl7 ore nodes though... now I have some science experiments to figure out the 5ws.  Was nice to make new friends there as well, had a couple pug regulars start meeting the others in the guild who hadn’t been too active in late 5.3 as they were waiting for 5.4

Have fun and game on!

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