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State of the Knight 5.4.3


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The speed of development is picking up, and we're getting more of the intended gameplay now.   We can level our vessels, disciplines are more widely understood and available to more classes (bowknight is a thing now, for instance).  And knight feels pretty good right now.

The addition of bows to knights has me a bit ambivalent.  On one hand, it makes knights a lot more capable.  Bows hit hard (because they're slow) and at range, which mitigates some of the problems knights have had up to this point.   On the other hand, in many cases, a bow discipline feels almost required to make the class viable.  Not in every case, mind, and maybe not going forward, but when they were first added, it certainly felt that way.

Right now, I feel balance as a whole is as good as it has ever been in Crowfall.  Right now, I don't fear any particular class.  I do fear particular players, of a variety of classes.   To me, this says the game is in a good place.  Personal skill matters, and the classes are close enough to each other that there's no single massively overpowered class/build that dominates everything else.  I give the devs a lot of grief over balance when they get it wrong, so it's only fair that I give props to @mhalashace and @thomasblair when they get it right.

Now, when we gear up all our classes and combine that with the accelerated training, imbalances may suddenly appear again.  But there's a good place at the core, and things will be tweaked many times before release.

Things that need work:

  • chain pull still doesn't pull targets all the way to the caster most of the time
  • the dodge-pip-steal is too situational to have on a power on its own, especially given that it does almost no damage.  Hard to justify including it on the power bar.
  • We have only a few disciplines that feel viable on the knight.  That's actually the case across most classes though.  A pass is needed on the weaker major disciplines.
  • Block feels weaker than it should.  It needs more mitigation, perhaps.  Or the dmg bonus period needs to last longer.  Something.

It's a pretty small list of problems this time around.


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Honestly, once you have higher skill training and plate armor, the Knight feels like a very powerful melee combatant. Yes, chainpull still needs to be fixed and I'd prefer it if the damage bonus from blocking lasted a little longer, but generally the Knight is in a good place.

High Dexterity + Full Plate Armor + Block means you can switch between offensive and defensive actions in the middle of the enemy stack (provided you have good healers). Tack on Runecaster and Overwhelming odds and you may just hit the resist cap before blocking (provided your armor is high quality). 

A few things which could see improvement:

Shield Slam is a fairly useless ability which hasn't really been viable since hunger dome. The Shield Fighter disc (including mighty shield slam) sort of improves Shield Slam, but is mainly undesirable as a disc for the same reasons. 

Brutal Slam has to long of a cool down.
Mighty Shield Slam roots you in place for to long, drains all your stamina, and has very unimpressive damage. If it hit for 1500+ like the Templar riposte (which requires less effort) it might be worth taking.
Shield Throw offers interesting melee cleave potential, but it's effectiveness is gated behind a minor rune and passive skill.
Molon Labe increases the effectiveness and duration of the Knight's blocking damage bonus, providing an actual window in which to make use of it.

The problem with this disc is that it gates the effectiveness of several Knight abilities and does little else. 

Increase the Knight's damage bonus and duration to Molon Labe leves, changing the passive itself to be a less class specific block efficiency passive.
Increase the damage on Shield Slam so it's worth using/taking.
Decrease the cool down on Brutal Slam.
Remove the "Shield Wiz" minor and give Shield Throw its' full effectiveness.

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I'd much prefer Knight's block to give allies a stacking barrier or mitigation/damage reduction bonus when struck, but who cares about my opinion :P

I do also wish Shield Fighter was more optimal (esp. for Knights)


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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i'd like the Sector teased 'form up' (target a nearby ally and apply a group 'shroud of darkness' like effect with a reactive knockdown effect to those that next hit your group...)

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