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"Quyality of life" improvements in skill tree UI

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A usual use case for using the skill tree is applying time bank, which goes like:

- click node
- click "time bank"
- click "apply time"
- click "done" to go back
- click "cancel" to close widget

Improvements that could be made here:

1. Imagine when I want to add time to several nodes and each time I have to go "done" -> "cancel"  and because there is an animation when I click "done" it takes a while to close the widget.
Proposal:  Make "RMB" close the currently open widget/modal/dialog(whatever you call the component internally) for a skill node

2. When I run out of time bank when increasing a skill, but I want to train it to next level, I have to click "done", and "confirm" to start training the node (again with an animation when clicking "done")
Proposal: Change the "apply time" button to "train" when I run out of time bank to allow me to enable training the skill when I run out of time bank


Percentages of completion of a given tree don't update properly, so we have to reopen whole skill training view to see proper "%" of completion on trees so that new trees are unlocked.

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@perfectdork commented in the ACE Development Partners section about an idea I had. moving the popup to 2 buttons next to the skill and allowing a click anywhere else to hide them.  I can't say how it'll be implemented but they liked the idea at least.


The check mark would start the skill training, the bank icon would dump time into it. to manually bank time you would click the icon in the lower left of the skill screen.


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