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The difference is essentially this:

TEST: Where the newest patches are put up. These are generally pretty buggy, and the TEST environment usually only has relatively brief snap tests. There's also more chance for item and skill wipes on TEST. Access here is limited to a small number of high-tier backers (when a new patch is put out we first let in Pre-Alpha 1 and Pre-Alpha 2 backers, then Alpha 1, etc, until the patch is stable enough for LIVE).

LIVE: Where the most stable version of testing runs 24/7. LIVE has Campaigns that run for much longer (a week+), and will very rarely see any item or skill wipes. Everyone who backs the game will have access to the LIVE environment.

Any of the Starter Packs in the store will get you immediate access to LIVE. If you're really into testing and bug-hunting and you want access to TEST as well, the Adventure Starter Pack has Alpha Group 2 and will allow you more of a chance to get into TEST.

Jack Kirby
Associate Writer/Customer Service Manager

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11 hours ago, Sengura said:

Ok thx for the explanation, it really helped me out. :) 

I am not native english speaker, its a bit hard on me, but with you describtion i know what i wanted to know.

we have 7 non-english subforums. I'm not sure if your language is listed.


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