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ACE Q&A for February - Official Discussion Thread

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I am using the literal of impactful as applied to when one character hits another and it feels good. I think you were referring to the term impactful as a generalization applied to the entirety of com

Every update we add something towards making everything aspect of the movement system better, including how you view other players as they move through the world 5.5 has some very low level changes to

Working on this as we speak!

Ah, that tracking tease...so close yet so far.

To expand: will tracking only be about anti stealth - or will it also have utility against visible players?

Are you going to be working and improving on the cartography crafting and map/exploration side

e.g. a scout displcine [one was briefly added to test with fog/map reveal stats only then switfly removed] and other exploration disciplines that are not only dedicated to harvesting.

I do like that the minor elven eyes discipline for instance increased far sight range for seeing nameplates and health bars etc

I would love if an opposite effect to this was also added e.g. a stone or other effect that decreases the distance at which enemies can see your namplate/health bars [or for 'everyone' they look at as a debuff e.g. nearsight etc]

But as previously reporting the currently initial imlpentation of carthgraphy has effort vs value issues [e.g. large costs/time/rsik to only share with one player...vs running with them or just screenshotting your world map instead]!

p.s. will we be seeing day/night cycle soon yet either?

Yea we really need to see the impact mounts and road speed would have on both movement and combat...

[just like we need to see the impact using harvest tools on siege walls and trees will have on sieging and fort fights etc]

and the death stuff! ^_^

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Beheaded = "can't be resurrected in the field by an ally" is my guess. I thought the idea of player rez abilities/powers was nixed months back so it's interesting to hear they might be introduced. I don't know how I'd feel about a Guild Wars 2-like Downed State. ?  

Also interesting to hear y'all are rethinking (or may rethink) Dizzy Down. Stealth classes being allowed to go out of combat and re-stealth while being punched in the back of the head would introduce a high level of chaos to combat. :lol:

Hi, I'm moneda.


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1 hour ago, Zybak said:

Beheading mechanic hype! I have a feeling this will be some sort of mechanic to delay a respawn or change where someone spawns? 

JTC stated that we can collect heads and even display them in our EK's (Reddit stream).

I think the K-Mart of MMO's already exists!  And it ain't us!   :)


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2 hours ago, Weebles said:

Bend the knee or lose your head!



Still salty about his death...

1 hour ago, Zybak said:

Beheading mechanic hype! I have a feeling this will be some sort of mechanic to delay a respawn or change where someone spawns? 

Hope it’s not GW2-style Downed State


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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What a great Q&A! 

Some of my favorite bits.

"So what we didn't get into was Tracking and Hunting [...] That's the piece I've got some big ideas I want to get to, that I wasn't ready to talk about yet. [...] So that's [Stealth/Perception skills interaction] a baseline."


"And I'd still love to go back to roads and give roads a speed up"

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21 minutes ago, jetah said:

I'd like a small document about some of the things being worked on.  Something I can point people to when they ask questions about progress.

Yes this and an updated FAQ would be nice.

Guess similar projects have players doing it but we don't seem to.



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