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JewelCrafting and Stat Options


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as a whole I am liking the stat options and the stat 'additive' steps for Jewel Crafting .  I have noticed a few rings that are 'pigeon holed' in their design where maybe a slight change to the Grind and the Polish step could help expand the options?  Maybe we see the team drop the Fury, Rage, etc (one class usage)  and just focus on stats used by more than once class

Crit Hit Damage - Max Fury
Crit Hit Damage  - Max Rage

Add to this list things like max essence, etc 

Here is what the Grind step gives us. 

Grind Material   3rd Stat
Blood   Final Damage Modifier
Water   Final Healing Modifier
Grind mat   wonder what all could b used
Blood   Rage
Water    Mana
Bone   Fury
etc    other class stats?

** what if adding a Grinded Mineral gave 'rare' stat increase of maybe a + attribute?   

its not a fully formed idea, but I feel like we could add a targeted stat in the Grind step and/or add one Grind option to allow a generic stat? Crafters could make good generic rings and targeted class rings by adding the Grinded mat ? 

What other grinded materials are there for us to use?




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