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Crowfall's Divine Genealogy

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Edit 1: Cybele is not exactly Gaea's daughter.

Edit 2: Zalena is not Malekai's offspring , she is adopted.

Edit 3: Hero is chronologically younger than all of the gods, so he should be one level below.

Edit 4: Yaga - Gaea - Cybele seem to be the three states of life, so they might be of the same chronological age.

Edit 5: Gaea is not Yaga's daughter.


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D'Orion was a mortal, cursed by Gaea with an elkface for sinning against the gods my hunting for sport and then stumbling in to her special forest. The idea was that he'd be the prey. In stead he hunted the hunters that came to hunt him and became a legend of his own death forest. Gaea thought that was really cool so she made him a god and got him a flying car.

The story is in the elken lore page.


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@PopeUrban yes the some lore pages conflict with each other. This happened when they split the class and races. There is also a discrepancy with the origin of D'Orion and Elkens in general. The https://crowfall.com/en/races/minotaur/ page seems to imply that the sky hunter was born to the gods as a babe/baby. I quote:


From The Book of Names Chapter 5: 17 to 21 17 All the Sons and Daughters did bless the babe, and his lifegifts were many. 18 A curving bow of oak and silver from his uncle 19 keen sight and hearing from his aunt and from the rest: fortune, wits and speed. 20 Yet no lifegift did the boy receive from Malekai, the trickster 21 and the Lord of the Dawn was most displeased.

The Book of Names, Chapter 18:31 to 50 31 and in that time the young Sky Hunter was in the woods with his companion Julan, 32 known to be the most wise and skillful of mortal hunters. 33 They came upon the Great Bull and D’Orion said, “What is this fierce and hateful creature, with hooves of obsidian and eyes of fire?”



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