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Cleansing Tyranny (5v8) - Winterblades PvP


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7 hours ago, touchmybow said:

retaliation when nobody is around lol. semi broken game.


The fact that I could retaliate or the fact that I had to retaliate because I got CC'd with no one around me? Retaliate is simply a CC removal that has extra functions with it, similar to the trinket CC break in WoW.

More than likely I was stunned by scarecrow passive and I did not want that to inhibit my damage output


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6 minutes ago, touchmybow said:

It's an attack tho



It can deal damage but that isn't the primary purpose of that ability. It is different than the counter attack that templars get from their parry. Every class has a retaliate that can be used to break CCs on yourself.


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10 minutes ago, touchmybow said:

even the name tho its called retaliate.

AFAIK it's only called Retaliate because TERA, a game whose combat system was a major influence for Crowfall's, had a similar ability for the purpose of getting yourself up after being knocked down. It could've been called CC Trinket but I think Retaliate rings better.

Hi, I'm moneda.


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