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From ArtCraft with Love - Official Discussion Thread

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Nice to see those new heads ! More talents for getting the game even better ! Nice ! Welcome on board guys/ladies :) 

Edited by Gorwald


Thelanas Kar'Pal Membre fondateur de l'alliance Naerth en 2001 - Ex Shadowbane European Advisor Damnation/Carnage/Vindication/Corruption http://www.twitch.tv/gorwald/profile

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1 minute ago, Toadwart said:

Where is Dogget? Dont see him in the pic and havent seen him crossing through any live streams in awhile.

He’s in the pic.


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Damn, looking good people !  Happy to see such a team.

Baraz / Siriel, The Shipwrecked Pirates and ally of the WinterbladesUndead Lords (UDL)
- Loved Shadowbane and played *a lot* of Darkfall.  I now play mostly cRPGs. (Steam).

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