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Hi everyone !

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Hello ! I have been testing the game for a couple of days now but I'm making my debut in the forums this morning. 

I'm basically a staying at home dad/artist that spends most of his free time gaming. My girlfriend probably thinks I play too much but I blame my dad for that :P ! He's the one that got me hooked on video games way back when he purchased our NES platform after all ! lol :lol: (actually...we had a coleco before we got the NES).

I come from a fps gaming background mainly (ever since goldeneye007 on nintendo64, yeah man !) but I played a little bit of mmorpg here and there threw the years. Guild wars 2 his the one that got me more interested in the rgp style of games  and then I went on to play Black desert online (It's a ok game but if you played it, you know its flaws lol).

Now I'm here and I like where this is going. Super excited to be able to test it right now ! Anyways...I'll catch you guys ingame and around the forums !

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