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Combat Wombat [GER / EU]


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Who are we ?

Combat Wombat is a bunch of mostly German Players who are playing a lot of Games together.

Some Examples: EVE Online, Pubg, Path of Exile, Warcraft and many more


What are we going to do in Crowfall?

We will chose a heavy PVP and Mercenary Path

we will try to establish an environment in which we are self sustained

and get things running


Currently we are testing all aspects of the Game to get a good inside idea from what is going on.

PVP, Crafting, Gathering


What are we looking for ?

We are searching for players who want to fight and have Fun together with us.

You can be the heavy PVP player or someone who just wants to collect and Craft things.


But the most important thing is:

Have Fun and don´t take yourself to serious 


If you interested in Joining us or have further questions

Just hit us up Ingame or visit us on our Discord


Guild Leader : ShockZ, dkuhf

Have fun and see you Ingame


Edited by ShockZ
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