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New Sniper Class. Once You Read, You'll Gasp. Find Out Why! Giveaway!


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Introducing the Sniper class. One Shot - One Kill


Warning: Image edited to suit my purpose.


This character is a DPS POWERHOUSE. Basically, with a headshot, it can instantly kill anything it comes up across. Unless it's a creature with no head, in which case it would deal double damage to the body, still causing an instant kill.


There could be different types of sniper rifles to choose from throughout the world. Regular bullets, explosive rounds, lightning bolts, high pressured water ala super soakers. Even as a magnetic rail gun and you can fire off your boots and unwanted minerals.


It would need a lot of support powers, too. It's going to sit behind the back lines of combat so to avoid dying from rear assaults, it would need the ability to stealth. Also, I think it would be too overpowered to give it heals, right? So instead, maybe it can have like a massive health/mana regen thing going. For lore, we can even say that it has cybernetic implants which justify it.


Lastly, I think it should have summonable, and player controlled or fully automated, machine gun turret pets. So basically, if you're playing the Sniper and you're sitting a few hundred yards off the battle field, hiding behind a tree while blasting people's heads off, you can summon these guys to sprint in and clean up the mess. Also, since they're smart beings themselves, they should be able to revive you if you die by using a defibrillator, from long range.


What do you think? :D


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I told UberMonkey to perform certain acts on me in SDR yesterday but he refused. :(

You are so incredibly helpful, CYT. I don't know how I ever managed to do anything before we met. I was just bumbling my way through life, all lost-like. Thank you. My blessing cup runneth over.


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I'm apologize for being unreceptive last night. Next time, the whole thing will feel more warming and welcome. I was simply anti-sausage at the time.


You see, well, yesterday my new guild, go Banana!, received a declaration of war. We are to be a humble banana farming guild at release. If there is no banana farming methods in-game, as referenced in my guild recruitment page below, we will pretend to be banana farmers. Absolute, unrelenting, strict role play, unless you're bored; then it's ok. Anyways, everyone was loving us. I had so many people wanting to join and were incredibly thrilled to be a part of the team, or at least that's what I assumed when I got my first response. Everything was on track for eight cool points. Then, they came. Sausage party had declared war on us stipulating that we, go Banana!, is not the only phallic shaped foods participating in the throne war simulator.



I responded to their threat will as big of words I could muster, then I posted pictures of my righteous bananas against their Wurst wieners. They, Sausage Party, declined by demands of the immediate repeal of said declaration, even to apologize, and especially not to swear fealty to go Banana! Also, they posted a better picture of Sausage Link than I did.





Still, I hold true to my initial belief that only the largest naturally made volcano is a large enough container to encapsulate your, uhh, danglyness.


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You're not playing enough DM. Twitch reaction shots fills my soul with smiles.


or, you are not playing enough Dust2 maps....hell, any CS maps for that matter...


here's your leg, it seems to have come off from all the pulling on it...


let the Code build the World and it's Laws....let the Players build the rest...

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That's what they all contemplate to themselves as they sit in death, watching me run around alive, waiting for the next round to start. This time I'll get him for sure. Haha. To be fair, I'm just as lousy as I am amazing. That's CS for you. Unless you play every day, you're going to face plant on that bicycle once and a while.


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