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Intermediate crafting table


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The basic crafting tables are for intermediate weapons. In 5.5, there will also be intermediate armor (and basic armor will be removed).

The intermediate table is only for crafting basic and intermediate items. There are tables in the beachheads that serve the same purpose. The other tables are obviously for more specific professions and allow the crafting of advanced gear. You can craft them and place them in your EK, but you can also find these tables in forts and keeps on the campaign servers.

Be aware, though, that in order to craft advanced gear, you need to train at least 1 pip in the first node of the specific profession tree. So if you want to have access to the advanced Blacksmithing recipes, you have to train the first pip in the first node of the Blacksmithing tree.

If you want to create advanced gathering tools, train in Runemaking.

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16 hours ago, Talizar said:

Is this just for weapons.  I finally got 100 dust.  Trying to figure out which bench to try.

Are there upgraded gathering tools?

the dev stream talked about them also adding intermediate tools in 5.5 - compared to current basic and and advanced (only for a trained runemaker at a runemaking station)

but i don't know if these new intermediate ones would be available to all, or only runemakers - i would assume to all?

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38 minutes ago, Talizar said:

I took up runemaking.  The next step up in tools was  +5 to the "damage"  and lots more durability.  Thanks!

if you experiment on the "grade" you can increase that +5 number - which is actually "armor peneratration" - e.g. higher rank nodes and especially the group mothernodes need a certain number before you can even damage them through their 'armor' etc

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