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My new beginners tutorial video! - Action Harvesting


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Hi everyone!  

I just uploaded my next Crowfall video and wanted to share it.  I don't expect it to help anyone here as it's a very basic tutorial on "Action Harvesting", but I've decided that I want to create videos on subjects that I'm having to search for and read about to understand myself.  I know that as the game gets closer, there will be many more players coming in and trying it out, so I'm starting with videos on subjects that I'm looking for and learning myself.  I'd appreciate it if you guys could check it out and please give me any constructive feedback.  I want to make my videos as best as I can, and while I'm still learning what the heck I'm doing, I'm working to get better.

Thanks everyone.


New Info: 2/20/19:  I wasn't happy with older videos, so I've removed it.  I have a new YouTube channel.  Link below.

My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel

My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch


Edited by Ceegore
Removed old video. Entered Link to new channel.
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On ‎21‎.‎02‎.‎2018 at 8:39 PM, Xavross said:

I'd appreciate it if you guys could check it out and please give me any constructive feedback. 

Very well done video. I especially like the tactical recommendations.  

You drop a lot of resources in this video, which might make your target audience wonder why they don't. You mention runes, but you don't mention skill, though they are more important regarding the outcome. So i would at least mention the passive skill training system and that you will come to that in a later video.

You mentioned that runes can be made. That's true in the current pre-alpha build. But later on it will be a lot harder to get them (some will be dropped only by some NPC's for example). Not important right now. But it's a sentence people will remember ... even if it isn't true anymore.

There was one more point, but i forgot it during watching. The video was just too good. ;) 

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@Kraahk thank you very much for pointing all those out to me.  I'll make sure to address these in the next videos I do.  :-)  

Even after trying to make it as simple as I could, it's amazing just how much you don't think about saying when trying to cover it all. :-p 

Thanks again. 

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typo correction
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