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Pre-Alpha in game content

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Hi, am really interested in this game and was wondering if anyone can tell me or shed light on the features currently in the game as of 2/26/18. 

Thank You 

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Combat obviously, though some race/class/gender combinations aren't in yet. You can siege and claim forts and keeps, but right now the population of active testers is fairly low, so people won't always be around to participate. Harvesting is fairly complete at this point. Crafting is in, but there is still more to come, including blueprints and factories. The skill trees are probably pretty close to what they will be at launch at this point, except they are currently set to train 10 times faster than normal for testing purposes. 

Most of the disciplines are in other than the crafting ones, but I'd expect them to do another pass on them at some point.

Vendors will be added in the next big patch (5.5). These are player placed vendors where players can sell their wares. We're still waiting on mounts and caravans. The 3 faction system is in, though the current ruleset may change by launch. It's currently a tug of war system with chaos at one end, order at the other, and balance in the middle. Other rulesets are still being worked on, though some maps do have a FFA ruleset.

Adventure parcels are due to be added in patch 5.5. These will include more mobs/mob types and a significant update to AI. They're still working on building the worlds dynamically so that every campaign will be unique. 

Thralls aren't in yet. Artifacts and relics aren't in yet. Tracking isn't in yet. Crypts are being added in 5.5 that will change the way we create characters. The spirit bank is still an interface you can access from anywhere. It's supposed to be a POI that you have to travel to in order to export items (where you run the risk of being attacked). Though with the changes to the character creation, I'm unsure how imports and exports will be affected.

You can build castles and place parcels, buildings and crafting stations in your Eternal Kingdom, but the Vassal system isn't in yet, which means players can't pool their stuff into a single EK yet. There was a video released on Tuesday that shows the devs having a discussion about the system.

The game is still in pre-alpha, but they are pushing hard to get to alpha. Patch 5.5 is expected fairly soon. I think patch 5.6 will mark the beginning of Alpha, but I'm not 100% on that. There isn't a full game loop yet, but it's getting close. When we get the vendors in 5.5, that will help get the economy going. They still need to work on the win conditions for campaigns and figure out how rewards will be decided.

I'm probably forgetting some stuff, but that's the bulk of it.

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