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Information Brokers.


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I want to make a guild of spies. plain and simple.  Information brokers that keep tabs on the goings-on. I'd like to establish a well-rounded group of engaged individuals before the launch of the game, and I'm looking to recruit.


I've got a few people that will be joining me on here after a while, and I've got a couple friends already here but I think recruiting here's gotta start sooner or later.


I don't have a fancy picture for you to look at, I'm not a great graphic designer if you are and wanna make a picture for us and spy on people hit me up.

I don't have a comprehensive plan on how to set up this guild or lead it so if you want leadership or planning opportunities hit me up. 

I don't have a long post for you to read so at least that's kinda nice, right? Wanna spy on people? wanna sell information? hit me up. :ph34r:

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