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[P R X] The Professionals .....since 1999 [N A]

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Was a blast playing against [PRX] in World vs. World for the first few months of Guild Wars 2. You guys were certainly one of the few stand-out guilds within the Titan Alliance that actually put up great fights consistently. I miss those days, but wish my server had a better Oceanic presence back then so we could have stopped getting knocked into T2 every few weeks. 


Great to see you guys considering Crowfall! 

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Stroh, thanks for the kind words!


Zolaz, I'm not sure what you're getting at here, but I'll make an honest effort to answer your question directly. A couple weeks post-release we had 120 people online every night. 3 months later was close to the Auroria release I think, where we had a 2 and a half raid groups, so around 125. For the last week, which had a large content patch, we've had some 130 people online. Note that because of the ArcheAge labor mechanic, many of these people are AFK.


However, the number of people in your guild list is irrelevant. The important figure is the amount of force you can project onto a battlefield, so here's a few screenshots of our battles in the time periods you asked for.















Is it possible to embed youtube videos here?





We're content with ArcheAge for now and will continue to compete in it for the indefinite future, but everyone in PRX who is paying attention to CF is very excited about it. And after grinding to 55 in ArcheAge's library, it's hard for any red blooded PvPer to not be excited about the kind of open world, FFA PvP environment that the Dregs and Crowfall promise.

Edited by Tuco

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How that very good !

that explain why the cadre quietus forum have go offline, i was wondering what happened.


That make your presence in the game even better for me !

As a Former Prime Echelon and founder of Cadre Quietus, I would have to say that it was not all Zoraks doing for the formation of the Covenant of the Swords Alliance, and CQ was not Zoraks creation


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Reading their account of their PvP triumphs was very entertaining to say the least, but in the end they are still a very old and strong guild that has participated in pvp in many games.  Though they may exaggerate just how successful they were :)


I can confirm PRX is not exaggerating in regards to TESO or AA, at least. Good to see you guys here!

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lol ... Tuco, Im just here to give PRX what they always claim to want. A good fight. B)

That's one reason we're really excited about CF, the single-server model and campaigns means that we'll never have to worry about killing the server.


I just hope that once a campaign is decided it progresses to winter and death quickly. From our experience in GW2 we've found that once a winner has been decided few PvPers will stay and fight a losing battle.

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Just checking in! We're still going strong in ArcheAge but really looking forward to Crowfall!


The 1.7 patch in ArcheAge released tonight, dramatically improving a lot of the game and offering a ton of new content.
We started the night executing a land rush strategy at Golden Ruins under Witch's guidance. We were able to lock down the West at the Nui and pretty much give the East free reign to plant properties around the map.
We then went to Mistmerrow. We got there a bit late because of the land rush at Golden Ruins. When we arrived the West nearly capped the entire map, but we fought back! In the end we lost by one point, but enjoyed the new event.
We then went to Halcyona! The East made a great showing and we won it handily.
We then spent the evening crafting, practicing against the ghost ship, looking for sea bugs and playing with the new mechanics! 1.7 is finally here and we're looking forward to enjoying AA like it was meant to be!

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Wheres Druez?  :P

Know me and fear me. My embrace is for all and is patient but sure. The dead can always find you. My hand is everywhere - there is no door I cannot pass, nor guardian who can withstand me.


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Wheres Druez? :P

Sorry the name isn't familiar.

Isnt AA Pay 2 Win right now?  Or is it more Pay 2 have fun?

AA has always been heavily P2W. I personally haven't spent an extra dime other than the purchase amount and the subscription and have gear competitive with all but the top-tier, but it's the product of a lot of hard work. I tell people who ask about starting AA that they'll either need to bring some $1000 to get a decent set of gear, or spend several months farming and it's the truth.


Even though I have amazing gear, I'd love it if AA had Crowfall's gear reset system. Every 2-3 months, boom, everyone is back on the same tier.

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