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PvE Wishes  

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  1. 1. Do you want PvE?

    • Minimal. I only want to use npcs to farm gold and materials.
    • Non-Instanced. I want all PvE to be out in the world. Only one group takes down a boss in the whole server.
    • Instanced. I want PvE with interesting and complex mechanics in dungeons and raids.
    • Both. I want world bosses that have awesome rewards that would be fought over, and instanced dungeons to take down with a group.

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With all the speculation and talk, a lot of it is about hardcore PvP. Now don't get me wrong, I love PvP. There are few things more exhilarating than finding the members of an opposing guild and wiping them out. But along with that, I also love that feeling of taking down a difficult raid boss after hours of working on the raid, figuring out the strategy of the fight and getting that epic loot.


Most MMOs that I see coming out most recently seem to focus more on the PvP aspect than the PvE aspect. It is important to have good, balanced, and healthy PvP, but a game that is solely PvP will get boring after a while. If there's no PvP going on, what is there to do. With the recent MMOs, all PvE is sorely lacking. Sure there are some world raid bosses. But once that one guild takes it down, it's down for what, 2 days, what then? 


Not to toot it's horn, but WoW had some of the best, if not best PvE I have ever seen. Difficult dungeons and raids, where you had to have teamwork and communication to get the rewards. Crowd Control mobs, skill in a tank to keep aggro, management from the healer to keep everyone topped but mana efficiency. Small 5 man dungeon groups and large 40 man raids. Dungeons that can be done quickly, or raids that would take days to complete.


I'd like to see an MMO that not only has good, fun, and healthy PvP, but also one that has challenging PvE. Not only the handful of raid bosses in the world, but instanced dungeons. And dungeons where you have to communicate. Not that, use a dungeon finder, puller a whole room, beat the dungeon type thing that WoW is now. But classic meeting up in front of the dungeon entrance after gathering your comrades, communicating what each person's role is what they will be doing.


Does anyone else wish for good instanced PvE in the forms of dungeons and raids besides me?

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I went from Shadowbane (hardcore pvp, monotonous pve) to WoW and I hated PvE. Granted, you're referring to raids and dungeons, but that could also be the zzz if you're waiting for a PUG which often happens as your guild is undoubtedly at a higher dungeon already. I preferred guild wars PvE with a story line.


What I don't want to do which WoW did right with someone of the addons, was you didn't have to talk to anyone. Call me lazy, but I don't want to interact with an npc for 10 minutes in a choose your own adventure style of interaction that decides to add one point to my dark parth or something.


The problem with dungeons in WoW was fighting for hours. Just not my cup of tea. Mainly cause I don't like pieces of **** in my tea. I shouldn't have to dedicate a portion of my day for a 5% drop.

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I kinda want that mobs drop stuff which you can sell for crafting, I want an economy in this game D:


I am also a fan of this idea.


One of my "ideal fantasies" was for most PvE content (Including low level mobs) to be useful / needed for all levels of hierarchy.  If a mob in a game similar to WoW dropped a small amount of ingame currency, it eventually became useless because other mobs dropped higher amounts of the same currency.


Boar Example


It would be cool (In my book) if ALL mobs dropped crafting materials that were needed in many tiers of level (Say "Tusks" from a boar which is difficult to farm because it takes "effort" to find and hunt and is level 20, this "Tusk" is needed in recipes which are level 20, 65, 70, 80 (The idea is that it is sought after by high levels which do not want to go through the effort of getting the item themselves).


Then these level 20 players can either use the tusks for their own crafting (a lvl 20 product which is not very valuable (Minor Combat Buff potion) for the sake of some sort of crafting progression, or make a profit in the "economy" by selling it to high level players who also want it for a significantly better item (A potion that removes a death debuff and requires components from far away corners of the game world).


A game economy which has this kind of hierarchy where low levels do not have power, but neither do high level players have that much power without the help of the low level players (And both benefit from interacting with each other).


Last Words


This probably is really difficult to implement (There must be some difficulty which stops it from happening).  Odds are boars will still drop copper coins.

How Can Mounts Add to the Crowfall Experience?  Caravans, Hunting Boars, and more.


How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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If you make a gear sustained pve end game system all that's gona happen is the SB Herd will flock back to the poorly made emulators.  If we wanted end game PVE we would all be playing WoW.

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I'd take inspiration from the "outposts" in a game like Farcry 3. There could be "camps" of hostile and barbarous NPCs who can either be co-opted to join your faction- or treated like practice for siege warfare- each "camp" should be a challenge for a group of players. When a camp is destroyed, it should disappear and a new one should appear elsewhere in the world. The barbarians are invading and need to be cleansed. If you don't tend to the problem, they could attack your assets and disrupt your war effort.


Either way, trying to use a WoW-style quest system to convey a pre-constructed narrative isn't going to cut it. PvE should flesh out the world, and compliment the larger Player-run meta game.

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You can't have a game that's purely PvP and no PvE in my opinion. You'll end up with a game that will have large moments of nothing to do. In Sandbox games like ArcheAge and Black Desert for example, me and my guild would find ourselves at a loss of what to do. We'd go out to find people to kill, but usually end up with maybe two people farming or nothing. Very rarely would we find satisfying battles and skirmishes on a regular basis. Yes those times were fantastic. There was nothing more exciting than fighting back and forth over a merchant ship or key point in an area. But a game that solely relies on player content is not a fun game. 


If WoW was a fraction of what it used be when it came out ten years ago, I'd be playing that. But instead of having to communicate with your group, mark enemies to CC, focus a target, etc, all you need to do is have your tank pull a whole room and easily kill everything. That's not fun either.


Solely having non-instanced PvE also ends up with the first example. You'll have a limited amount of world bosses. Once a group takes them down, now what? Wait a few hours, a few days, a week before it comes back. When they're all down, you have nothing to go for. You also can't have the complex strategies you'd find in an instanced dungeon due to others being able to disrupt easily. That doesn't make it challenging, it just makes it dumb down the fight. 

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Keeping the PvE in the open world gives people a reason to be active in said areas (thinking of this like shadowbane, a group would fight the NPC and another would defend them from incoming PvP attacks) in turn this creates opportunity for PvPers.  Nobody likes dying while farming or trying to complete content, but let's be honest.. nobody likes daily quests or farming to begin with.  So a risk/reward based system in the open world is probably the best bet.  If raiding is absolutely necessary, make the reward for killing an open world boss non-gear based.  A stat bonus for the next couple hours, control of taxes in a certain area, control of a bridge or doorway of some kind (this could make for interesting tactical positioning strategy).  These 'tactical' rewards encourage the content to be used and abused every day instead of "I got my gear, I don't need to kill that boss anymore".


Also, I despise gear progressions.  Let me forge my gear like I do in SB.  Giving PvE players a gear advantage with no risk is basically coddling them into avoiding the true nature of the game.

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Someone brought this up in another topic, but the thought that raids/dungeons/PvE content could reward players in ways other than just better gear. For example, say an area has been conquered by a orcish warlord and the normally peaceful sylphs are enslaved and forced to fight. So the sylphs in the area are hostile towards you. But say there's a raid to take down the orcish warlord. You free the sylphs, who are ever grateful to you. Now, outside the raid, the sylphs are no longer hostile to you. Maybe even aid you by attacking those that attack you if they're still hostile towards them. You and your group are friendly with the sylphs but the larger group chasing you is not. Lure them to the sylph area and the sylphs will attack the hostiles. Would be interesting if not extremely complex and complicated to pull off.

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i personally love pve some times a lot more than pvp only if it is rewarding. you need some sort of motive to raid a dungeon or gather a team to take down a boss. there should be rare items bosses and mobs have a chance of dropping and you can sell your items to other people for in game currency. this way if you don't want to farm bosses or dungeons or anything you can buy the gear you wish to own from another player if you have the amount of money they want to sell you it for.


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I dont see any PvP game nowadays to be honest. Really nothing. They are a lot more PvE focused than PvP.

But then again, let me honest and add that both pvp/pve aspects are ****ing empty nowadays. But I still see devs giving much more love for PvE.


Imho. PvP is everything for me. Id accept a barebone PvE experience just to lvl up/farm quickly.

Nothing comes close to the thrilling experience of pking. This is the only reason I got into gaming. The only way I found actual friends (in a game lol). Yeah, it was shadowbane

The bond of staying together and forming a guild and protecting/fighting 24/7 was simply awesome.

But yeah, some more indepth PvE would make it better of course, BUT placing instanced areas? Thats a literal PvP killing blow imho. Shadowbane managed to be pure instanced free over a huge map for its time. When was that? The year 2003?. Why cant we get it again? Why must we degenerate? Arent people hating instances?

What the **** is so funny about placing some people in a small map to see the same textures over and over, killing that huge scripted robot again and again for a damned small ass chance loot?


BIG NO for instances from me


I know like zero % of this game. When I read "J. Todd Coleman" I almost was about to cry. Shadowbane was a perfection.

I open for new ideas, but instances are something for sure that wont work with pk. At the same time I fear new ideas. Just look at newer sequels of games where they try "new" things and it just ends up being a cluster****ing ****.

The goddamn rpg formula needs to be rooted on the holy ground. Build up on that instead of trying to make something completly new.



"No stats no skills no spells to lvl up" (traits, runes...)


Yeah **** off.


Nothing comes even close with how deep costumization was in shadowbane. Combined with that greatsandbox experience and unmatched pk. Holy **** man.

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While I understand many Shadowbane players want Shadowbane 2.0, I feel like this game isn't going to be Shadowbane 2.0 purely due to the whole "we want to make something new" thing. Regarding recent MMOs that are purely PvE, that's completely untrue. Let's look at a handful of the big name MMOs that came out recently:


Black Desert: Still in Korea, but hugely focused on PvP. Castle sieges, guild vs guild, factionless pk. The only PvE was a small handful of world bosses and grinding regular npcs.

ArcheAge: Again just like Black Desert, hugely focused on PvP. Castle sieges, naval combat, trading. Two factions but can pk your own faction. Few instanced sub par dungeons. Handful of world bosses that when taken down by a single guild on the server are down for a long time. 

Wildstar: Admittedly I don't have experience with it's "end-game" but supposedly it was more focused on PvE? Not sure here though.

Warlords of Draenor: Same formula as previous WoW. PvE raids with open world PvP but primarily battlegrounds and PvP world events. Everything is subpar now however compared how it used to be.

Elder Scrolls Online: Honestly, this game had pretty much neither PvE nor PvP. By far when I played seemed like an in-complete fan-made game. Instances weren't even really group things. Though had three/four factions, no real PvP.


Those were the major launches that I know of and played some. Anything I missed, please feel free to include.


Excluding Wildstar, most everything else attempted to focus on PvP. When there wasn't any PvP occurring, there wasn't anything to do. I remember in WoW, where you had to enter the instanced dungeon at the specific location. And I remember PKers lying in wait outside the dungeon entrance to kill anyone that went in. Had to either fight or make a mad dash to safety. 


I'm not saying PvE should be the end all be all progression, but it would be something nice to accomplish with a group of friends or guild outside of pure PvP.


You say every game nowadays is purely PvE. I've tried to play most MMOs that come out that seem good. Outside of classic WoW, I haven't found PvE that was as exciting or satisfying. Fighting a boss, learning the strategy (no looking up strat videos), and the accomplishment after taking down a boss was a great feeling. I haven't found an MMO to date that has balanced PvP and PvE perfectly. Would look forward to one that could.

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