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Frostweaver - First Picture

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One of the three classes for the future frostweaver is the high-elf (besides wood-elf and fae).

With the new Pre-Apha 5.5 version, currently running on the test server for pre-alpha1 to alpha1 players, we got the first glimpse on the high-elf. And ... here it is, the female high-elf (next to a vendor):



Don't be harsh. Remember, it's a high-elf. They dont care if you like them. They naturally expect you to do so. ;)


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well long way to go. Quite nice to see them ingame but again... they need some love and polish. 

You get the wolves...lots of wolves...and sheep that wear armor and have developed an appetite for blood soaked grass - dubanka

Even insects smell good when roasted - a random confessor

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