Character "TITLES" (prof/skill tags under in-game name)

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Not sure if this has been brought up or is being designed. But are we getting character profession or combat role "TITLES" to display under our ingame names? (optional title selections from a list of obtained abilities from skill trees/branches/ and the like?) 

If not, let me describe what Titles were to me in SWG and why i think they provide a good way to interact with fellow players:

First off, in Star Wars Galaxies, titles were obtained from completing a Novice skill tree box, branch, or whole part of a skill tree, and the only way to obtain those titles was to have completed the skill training. You lost or had no access to old titles after you "re-spec'd" to a different skill tree/profession. And you had the option to have any actually "obtained" title or none at all if you wished. They were displayed in short text under your character name in the world.

Main reason to have the profession/combat role “Title Identification Tags” is for a more natural stranger interaction to be able to either: ask of crafters to obtain certain mats for their needs via trade, or hire other players for combat/pvp roles.  (May it be guildmates not being on at a specific needed time. Or not having to rely on traveling afar to find special mats from player vendors. The “Title Tag” simply advertises locally a player’s desired play-style role and an easy way to help identify how a player could help you with an ingame task or reach out to them for custom build order.

This creates a fun system in a sense because there are many different skill tree “branch titles” to be selected within a skill tree a "veteran" player could choose from. Not just novice or master crafter tag, but maybe things like Novice Blacksmith/Weaponsmith/Armorsmith/Master Blacksmith/Factory Smelter..or Master Swordsman, Fencer, One hand Swordsman, Two Hand Swordsman, Master Swordsman, Master Apple Finder, (or maybe a title selected from one of the Discipline Runes, just to state you really prefer to use that skill/ability) .. etc.
ON THE FLIP SIDE FROM ENEMY PERSPECTIVE.. the ability to choose "at will" the selection of titles was a excellent mini game in itself for the small group PVP conflicts because enemies at a glance could read the opposing players “selected title/s” and decide weather to harass or ignore the lonely/small group spec crafters/harvesters. It might state that they are a certain crafter type, thus maybe lacking some combat skill tree stat points or indicating they may have certain needed items on them and would further cause PVP conflict to obtain them from them.
But with that there may be consequences from reading into a title too much as well, cause on the other hand it might be a trap/trick as the player is actually a veteran with multiple titles from many obtained skill trees, who just happen to chose a certain earned lower title tag. (or maybe a trap provoking combat because the identified player/s are protected by other stealthed friendly players nearby while they are crafting/harvesting, ending in a combat decision loss.)

(Also note: Knowing "titles" also states to not internally gloat so much too when overpowering someone after knowing the possible advantage outcome one might have over the other "titled" in a fight. Because if you knew your skill tree points were all spent in combat lines, and you just overpowered a more crafter skilled player, or possible newbie joiner whos tree skill is just starting to train up. Without a stated title its hard to know of a skilled up crafter, unless the fight was next to a crafting station. (they could just be out harvesting or out for small combat from other chosen skill lines as well..)

So in conclusion, in PVP you wouldn’t always know if someone was a novice or more of a master at something. But atleast partial skill was spent there, and they chose to display that Title tag.  Maybe the player was indeed an actual newbie that is currently progressing further into a skill tree. (which could also be a bad PVP conflict decision too cause they don’t necessarily have good stat components on them and would be a waste of time causing a unnessisary conflict. Or on the friendly side of it, could indicate to the faction they may need more protection/equipment.)
.. Anyway, "Titles" provide the needed heads up quick information for faction needs. But best of all it’s optional to select a title, but really smiled upon when indeed used.

Glad on test server we currently have stocked vendors with mats, but maybe would like to see more player trading interaction come closer to beta. Adding simple titles may just provide that player driven/guild establishing boost. Could also open future doorways for a “find player role” search tool option if population is low from server/team campaign deserters, to make those quick acquaintances. 
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I'm always a fan of titles but would prefer they don't clutter the overhead HP bars. In stead I'd like it if they were displayed in the target info panel in the upper left of the screen when you mouse over someone.

I'd like to see titles granted for earning The first skill, 50% and 100% of each skill tree that are Global:

  • Novice/Apprentice/Master for Combat/Crafting/Gathering/Class trees
  • Novice/Seasoned/Veteran for race trees
  • Lore based titles for specific race/class combos if you have both titles. For example "Acolyte of Arkon" if you've trained up to the novice title for Confessor and Human
  • "Skill based" titles display in yellow
  • Custom titles for guild ranks (Can not create titles that already exist, guild titles display in green)

I'd also like to see achievement or rank titles for campaigns and EKs:

  • Titles for EK ranks while in that EK (E.G. "King/Queen of <EK Name>" while in your own EK, "Duke of <EK Region Name>" If you have that functional title These titles display in purple.)
  • Titles for campaign achievements that must be completed during a campaign, with title progress resetting if you fail to meet the requirements within a single campaign. (For example "Siegemaster" for a player that has dropped 20 trees that resulted in winning a siege, "Soldier" for killing 25 unique enemies while grouped, "Bandit" for looting 200 total items from player corpses, and other such things)
  • Titles that commemorate winning specific campaign rules (e.g. "Chosen of Malekai" for being in Malekai's faction, participating in at least one score generating action, and your faction wins the campaign. Similar titles for other campaign bands or crazy race locked campaigns etc.)
  • Most "achievement" style titles display in blue.

Eve-style custom awards?

  • Guild masters/officers get a crafting recipe to create a consumable item out of X amount of legendary materials.
  • Consuming this item grants a custom title. These titles are displayed in gold.
  • You can trade these items to people outside the guild if you want to recognize allies, enemies, etc. etc.
  • You may use this item to add an auto title to an equippable item to create "Ceremonial" equipment for EKs or just for fun fluff
  • "Award" titles display in gold.
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9 hours ago, PopeUrban said:

I'm always a fan of titles but would prefer they don't clutter the overhead HP bars. In stead I'd like it if they were displayed in the target info panel in the upper left of the screen when you mouse over someone.


Nice ideas. Something to build off of after profession/skill titles are put in.

In SWG you had a character profile sheet as well that you could also examine on players that listed all the achievements they accomplished. Where as the little name "titles" on screen was just a way to help identify certain skill set players if they wanted to be found.

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