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Let's Play Tutorial Series Part 1.


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Wanted to share the first part of my LP series where I will be playing through the game while trying to explain things with everyone as I go.  The first couple of videos are directed to talking about the skill trees.  (I didn't plan it that way, it just sort of happened lol). 

In this series I'm gonna be focusing on the path of a human wood-working crafter.  (I think it'd be easier to use wood working to help instruct). 

Also wanted to thank you guys for the constructive advise on my past couple videos.  (I'm trying to apply all the advice I've received in these newer vids). 🙂

Hope you enjoy. 


New Info: 2/20/19:  I wasn't happy with older videos, so I've removed it.  I have a new YouTube channel.  Link below.

My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel

My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch

Edited by Ceegore
Removed old video. Entered Link to new channel.
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