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Restoring Order to Tyranny Trilogy

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So I started making a video trilogy centered around Blackmire back in December from 3 fights we had one of the early weekends in 5.3 on the live environment. I actually made the second two videos first and kept putting off making part 1 because I was busy with real life and getting our website finally updated. I'll be rerendering and uploading part 2 and 3 later this week.

Here is Restoring Order to Tyranny - Part 1 featuring the perspectives of Phylor, Xarrayne and Vicid:


Here is Part 2 featuring the perspectives of Phylor and Vicid:

Here is Part 3 featuring Winterblades fighting Balance:


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Part 3 is now available! Going ahead and just adding it here rather than a new thread. Kinda wish I had just done that with part 2 as well. I added Part 2 and 3 to the main post on here as well.

Part 3 features a fight against Balance rather than the 2 previous featuring Chaos.



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