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In Game Name: MadManny

Availability: EST early morning 6:00am-9:00am and evening 7:00pm 11:00pm on weekdays but on weekends I am more flexible.

Role: Builder/crafter/explorer/gatherer

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Top Posters In This Topic

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So little update! A recent project I decided to undergo this patch. See if i could Upgrade my Cottage into a Villa! This was a decently large project for me to solo but I'm super hyped since it h

Alty is the only person I ever see in chat helping new players with questions,  also gave me a fair trade on some dust when I lost most my EK crafting stations.   So far most the testers with the

Also just to let know even though we are advertised mainly as crafting/gathering guild. We do have pvp members and are always looking for any kind of player and are gaining more!  


Lion forge Gaming [-LFG-] is currently looking for all kinds of different players at the moment! We are ESPECIALLY looking for more PVP dedicated players who would like to run with our pvp group!

If you are interested , submit your application following the rules in the post comment section here, message me or Altybear as well!

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In Game Player Name: Peachteaa

Times your primarily available (Include Timezone):after noons and nights (mst)

What 'role' do you want to play in game?:healer and harvester


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In Game Player Name: Bhelue

Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): CST 5:30ish - 10pm M-F. 7am-10am Sat & Sun

What 'role' do you want to play in game?: Gathering / Crafter

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In Game Player Name: RileyStang

Times primarily available: 3-7pm PST Monday-Friday. Availability varying Saturday and Sunday.

What 'role' do you want to play in game?: I've always enjoyed fast moving, ranged roles in games, and love to scout out ahead and see what danger lurks beneath the fog of war. So far I'm honing in on being an Elken Ranger that starts out specializing in perception and tracking. Then I plan to work on survival skills, eventually starting out as a specialist in animal harvesting. Since I'm a 2017 Sapphire investor, I'll have a year of free VIP, so I'll also aim to specialize in great ranged weapons to start. Since I'll be able to train another type of race and class I'm still trying to decide what alternate role that I'll work on training.

One other thing I need to mention is that I am an aspiring streamer on Twitch, and plan to live stream my gameplay, so if this is a concern for strategic reasons (some guilds are afraid of stream snipers), then I understand.

Looking forward to hearing back from you guys.


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In game name: LilLionman

Times available: 1900-0700 EST. Varying days  (I'm a night worker)

Role. Harvesting bodies and minerals, main plan is to master Necromancy with a side of Runes. (willing to play support/CC/Heals in a pvp setting tho)

I have no use for said bodies so they are open to anyone who wants. Will take requests. Still learning the necro ropes tho so slow start for now.

Will message on discord to join. 

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Hey Everyone, Sorry for not being super active recently! But while I'm around I wanted to show off our recently established [-LFG-] Bazaar 5.6 edition! 

The not quite tree of life located in the keep is named Chester and he'd appreciate if you wipe your feet before coming inside. 

Now without freestanding booths because i guess that was a glitch even though it looks super good and way better then sticking them to these giant blocky forts...

ALSO: Were really on the lookout for players who would like to set up their own shops! We've got plenty of spots still open and are setting up our own trading town parcel specifically for a shopping row!


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Hello Everyone! Glad to see everyone out and about and being sociable! 

For those curious we at LFG have been playing balance recently and are slowly getting back to having just as much fun as before.


If anyone has any questions about the game (even if you don’t intend to join -LFG-) please feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll help fill in the blanks the best I can for ya! 


Also I’ll (hopefully) be selling Runetools out of the central city soon, get them out there in the hands of gatherers so that everyone isn’t clumsily trying to use -10 tools.

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n game name: Balfizar

Times primarily available (Include Timezone): all the time...usually depends on work and kids but mostly all the time

What 'role' do you want to play in game? murderer of crows with light gather /craft sprinkled in

Class played: duelist 

Looking for some active people to play with that I can experience the game with.

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In game name:   Numberwang

Times available:   Weekends, and two or three weekday nights 1700-2300 PST

Role:  Mainly a gatherer (so far focusing on skinning), a part time crafter (I guess leathercrafting!? .. but could be anything) and a part time participant in PVP eventually, after I I get settled in the gathering/crafting areas.

Favorite class so far is Confessor, also trying to pick up the Druid

I'll reach out on Discord too! See you all soon!

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Hi, my name is robie001 (mostly use Robelicious as ingame name)

I'm fairly new to the game and try to be online whenever i can. Mostly between 2PM-10PM CET.

Role doesn't matter too much to me, vert flexible.

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IGN: zerst

Times Available: 9pm-2am (us eastern time) - i am planing on playing daily i am a new player but i found crafting to be really enjoyable

Role: i plan to focus rune crafting, i also have a healer i am hoping to focus as a main but wanna work more toward crafting

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