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[--Lion Forge Guild--]


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We are a community-oriented guild with an intention of focusing heavily on trading, gathering and various unique aspects of Crowfall.

We will take gatherers, crafters, combatants, scouts, and all types of self-classification because we want players who are excited about what they want to do!

We are looking for members who are willing to work with new players to help then enjoy the game to the best of their ability.

Lion Forge is also looking to be openly interactive with other guilds promoting community and player coordinated events, events, and trading.

Each campaign we plan to set a group goal to help foster a common idea over and above just contributing to our faction, this can be from creating X amount of a specific gear with certain stats, or gathering X many supplies to support our up and coming crafters and of course were always open to suggestions from our player base!

As the game is just starting so are we, at present Lion Forge Guild is still getting its running start. If you would like to join now and work together to start fanning the flames please reply below or feel free to reach out to me on Discord at Altybear#1128

We do have a discord channel currently and coordinate group events, request supplies, or dictate strategies and necessary info for campaigns there in.

Above all else, Lion Forge Guild is here to have fun and support each other in that pursuit.


Some basic requirements for the guild will be:

Activity: We just ask that ya play when ya can and try not to leave people hanging.

Civility: Everyone argues or has disagreements; this is a simple fact of reality. We want players who are capable of admitting when they are wrong and are capable of holding debates rather than arguments.

Helpfulness: We need players who are willing to go out of their way to help their fellow guild mates and to help new players to Crowfall get on their feet.

Discord and Crowfall Website: You need to have a discord account, as this will be the primary form of in guild communication and of course we will add you to our Roster here on the Crowfall Website.


Regarding in guild supply distribution and management of guild funds we operate as a  self-hold collective. Everyone has their own personal stash and anything your willing to share goes into the community pot. Players found taking a harsh advantage of other guild mates generosity will be reprimanded and possibly removed. 



Edited by Altybear
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Alty is the only person I ever see in chat helping new players with questions,  also gave me a fair trade on some dust when I lost most my EK crafting stations.  

So far most the testers with the exception of Alty seems to be a punch of pricks, myself included.   Fully plan on trading with him and his guild as he already proved to be a fair dealer even with new players that don't know the market.   I think he even takes losses at times to get people starting with runetools.


That's my two cents

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In Game Player Name: Bearsy

Times primarily available (Include Timezone): Eastern Time. Sometimes 1 pm - 4 pm, usually 9 pm - 11 pm (or later)

What 'role' do you want to play in game?: Crafting/Harvesting

Traded and talked with Alty a little and it was awesome. Would love to join!

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Love the run down Alty! Glad yoiu decided to go all out. This is exactly what I was wanting to be apart of. 

IGN: KingHelix

Times Available: 12pm-6PM 10pm-3AM Pacific Standard Time - I create my schedule for work, so if I need to change my schedule for am event I can unless i have meetings.

Role: The role I would want to play involves potential leadership over time, one of Crafting/Gathering/Fighting and commerce. Strategy will come in hand, most certainly!


I look forwards to hopefully working together with a team! 

I'll add you on discord.


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So little update! A recent project I decided to undergo this patch. See if i could Upgrade my Cottage into a Villa!

This was a decently large project for me to solo but I'm super hyped since it helped me recruit a few new members!

The Roof segments and the Wall segments alone costed over 10K non basic wood let alone all the other parts in the mix so this was a pretty big undertaking.

I wanted to give a special shout out to Ozavic, Lazyturtle, Wiidad and Wiison for kicking it and keeping me company while I wheeled and dealed my way out of a one bedroom cottage!

I don't know if this is the first villa crafted in Live, but I asked around and nobody heard of anyone crafting another, so for now I think i can say First Documented Creation of a Villa




I wanted to make sure I documented the Crafting process so that I couldn't bluff and just have bought this thing, Its also got a unique item name because I'm sure as heck gonna custom name my Villa after working for about three weeks on it!


Brought some friends in who were around fro a group shot!


And then... Wouldn't ya know it, we ended up on the roof like all great parties do!

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In Game Player Name: JayFoshay

Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): afternoons-nightowl CST

What 'role' do you want to play in game?: Mainly Gatherer with ability to be self-sufficient crafting. In combat, maining Cleric for group play Duelist for solo.

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In Game Player Name: Poppypaws

Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): early after noon/ Late evenings - cst

What 'role' do you want to play in game?: Still learning, usually gatherer in any game :)

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IGN: brujo

Times Available: EU-zone evenings - means about 12-4pm EST, few times per week - I'm a busy man

Role: Runecrafter master, starting alchemy. Harvester of all shiny things, mostly ore.

Alty is what players back in the UO days used to be (not all of course, but more than nowadays). I'll contribute in anyway I can.

UO 'til CF

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In Game Player Name: kaosxtech

Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): 3:00pm Pacific - 3:00am (Pacific)

What 'role' do you want to play in game?: I love playing a healer class (you attack and Ill keep you alive), but for job I will do whatever is needed. I would like to do woodworking

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In Game Player Name: Isvo

Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): U.S. Central Timezone, available through a broad spectrum of times. My schedule changes a lot but I'll be on daily.

What 'role' do you want to play in game?: I love crafting and gathering. Building a large resource bank while being able to vend, craft, and conduct a flow of goods is my main objective. I'm very team focused and love accomplishing goals. I am leaning towards Runecrafting as a profession, and will run templar and a healer alt. 

Edited by Isvo
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In Game Player Name: Menosake

Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): US Pacific Timezone.  Due to currently being in University, my schedule is not consistent, nor am I always able to log in every day.  Typically on between Noon and 11pm though.

What 'role' do you want to play in game?: My primary goal would be to be a blacksmith, but right now I am focusing on resource gathering (Ore and Stone primarily).  I have no interest (or skill) in combat.

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Hello,  my rln is Mark my in game name is Gocoo I'm on central time zone I'm in Texas! ..originally born in Michigan, also I'm disable so i have time to play when ever I'm not sleepy, I play the Templer why idk maybe theres a combo i can use, I like to gather stuff, my discord name is Maxpain#3026 , I use an IPhone 7 so if you need me you can call me if you want my number just ask. 

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Greetings Alty! I am interested in discussing guild goals and future plans with you. Hit me up!


In Game Player Name: Mazaroth

Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): Flexible - mostly evening PST

What 'role' do you want to play in game?: Harvest Leader, 2-3 Crafting Master, Merchant, with side of some PvP.

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