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Website Changes and Fixes

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Some descriptions of items in the store have been updated

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Guild-related and VIP images in the store have been added
Enabled linking directly to a store item (logged in users only)
Add tutorial videos to How to Play guide
Increase web session to two weeks before logging out (unless user logs out manually)
Added Crowns to store


Update Store page for new users with a reminder that the game is still in testing
Updating numerous FAQs
Update How to Play guide text to reflect recent changes in the game
Add older news articles that were lost during the transition to the new site


Backend web tool improvements
Change gray text on gray background to black on gray
Remove 2FA reminder pop-up when logging in


RSS feed for website
Update Media Kit, include recently added icons and artwork
Web form for Guild Spotlight submissions
Web form for Resources submissions (i.e. game guides, streamers, etc.)


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