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All the "early access" starter packages (including the $50 one) give access to the 24/7 LIVE server environment. LIVE currently has build 5.4 for testing.

Build 5.5 with vendors, new death mechanics, and Adventure Zones, is on the invite-only (Alpha 3 or higher) TEST server environment. As soon as the major bugs are fixed (hopefully next week!), it will be moved to the LIVE server for everyone with a starter package to access.



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2 hours ago, Sinua said:

i bought it but i cant get it to run .  I have downloaded and patched but  i get an error  now

Did you download the test or the live client, and what error are you getting?

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everytime i run the client it patches and then i get an error message 

error #1
invalid content
no error
failed to contact the alias service 
read operation
if i try to log in it says  Login failed please try again, user not entitled"
but it seems to be happening to everyone or so im told 
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6 minutes ago, Keendo said:

I'm also having this issue.

Are you logging into the LIVE server or the TEST server? Make sure it says LIVE on the patcher.

If you are logging into the correct server, contact support@crowfall.com

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