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Nice Looking Boards.

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I love these forums, mostly because they are so new and their hasn't been enough time for them to get screwed up.


The game still has to get out yet. But communities are founded upon the resolution of conflict. You better believe there will be conflict.

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Hi. My name's John Henderson. I did a bunch of Shadowbane stuff years ago. The handle I was using at the time was "J. the Yellow".


These forums look really nice.


"A bunch of SB stuff years ago."  What does that mean, exactly?   I don't recognize "J. the Yellow".

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In fact, here's a conveniently insightful post from 2003 of J. covering some of Wolfpack's early development history. It's a second-hand accounting of a technote presentation by Todd. We've already had this story told on the boards, but it's interesting hearing it in another light nonetheless.


(Yes, my internet stalking skill is maxed out.)

Edited by Eldreth

just an Eldreth

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