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Elkin Backstory


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You saw me as prey. That was your first mistake.


It is understandable. After all, I resemble a buck, much like the one you roasted over your fire pit a fortnight ago. That gleam in your eyes as you approached, arrow drawn, sure of your kill...it was the same then as it was just now.


And why wouldn't it be? The creatures of the forest are fragile things, living their lives in fear of the next pair of sharp teeth to nip at their heels. My ancestors, like them, dreaded the press of shadows all around. The low growls, the near-silent whisper of clawed paws approaching, the eyes gleaming in the dark.


What escaped you tonight is that my eyes gleam back. That was your second mistake.


We grew tired of terror. We taught ourselves to drink it in, to soak up the night through our skin and breathe it into our lungs. It runs in our veins and whispers in our ears. It sharpens our teeth and gives us a hunger for more than grass, a thirst for more than water. So as you lay there, weeping for the pain to stop and the bleeding to be stanched, you have only yourself to blame.


You thought yourself the predator. That was your final mistake.


Shall I describe to you how you taste?




Just having a bit of fun with the unrevealed archetypes. I might do some more down the road if inspiration hits me.

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