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Useful UI Idea(s)?

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So, I don't know if this would be plausible, but let me give you some background before I start.

I noticed that the UI in this game seems to set us at a sort of disadvantage. The skills/training UI is all the way at the left of the screen, a place where most people don't have their mouse hanging around. Not only that, the only real direction anyone seems to go with UI/windows is a hotkey.

It'd would be nice, in my opinion, to have a hold/toggle option that brings up a quick menu of the several windows that we see. Like, hold down (insert key choice) and a small UI bubble pops up with your 4-5 options of which page you want to open, right at the tip of your mouse and you just slide over to your choice. It would reduce a lot of time and would be a nice implement to the game if done right. Sort of like, and forgive me for the reference here, how League of Legends changed their pings from being stationary at the mini-map to being something you just toggle/mouse drag to achieve. Just, instead of a ping choice, we see Skills/Crafting/Social/ETC there.

Could result in a whole lot less scrambling on your screen or keyboard to open windows. Less time wasted, more time to enjoy the game :) Plus, to my knowledge, it'd be the first of its kind in an MMO!


Sloppy post and thoughts, first time on the forums, but there it is!


Have you guys got any interesting changes/thoughts?

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A timer showing how long until an item is unlocked from going into or out of the Spirit Bank.

The ability to enter mouse mode without the Inventory Window being open.

- This would also allow us to mouse over buffs in the Top Right corner and potentially see tootip information on them

Having opening inventory not swap the visible bar to Survival Tray even when still in another tray.

The ability to move the Assassin PIP counter... would prefer it in the center of the screen.

- Would also require the Mouselook change above, as it currently ends up behind the inventory screen.

Local Bank effective window size reduced to it's actual size.  Currently effective size is the same as spirit bank causing an invisible area of it to cover inventory slots at times if it is positioned too far to the right of the screen.

The ability to view inventory while moving.

Crafting Window being closable with a key press (esc or "J")

A pop up "Accept" option for trades.  /accept-trade <name> is miserable.

I know it's supposed to come later, but a freaking combat log!

Fixes to chat windows.  Swapping between them sometimes causes them to change order, and thus clear all text from them.

- (also sometimes when you log in you are missing multiple channels).

Decoupling the Abilities (K) window from Inventory.  If you have both open and move, or hit I to close, when you re-open Inventory via "I" the Abilities window opens as well.  Same with Spirit Bank.


Chapter Leader


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Ability to move the target cursor.  I REALLY like to play from a more top down view.  If I could move target reticle a few inches higher, it would be enough of a top down angle for me.

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The ability to anchor health, mana, etc bars above your character. Not your HP box mind you, I mean something akin to how health bars are anchored above avatars like they are in game.

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I'd like an option to put a range number over my last aimtarget's health bar so I don't have to be pointing directly at them to know my range to target. Make this number only visible within farsight range like HP bars and shields.

Clearer messaging for the blinded status effect. Since blinded uses the same text popups as other effects, new players are often very confused by it, often thinking the full screen blackout is a bug. Might be a good idea to just leave the text "blinded" on the screen flashing a bit in the blacked out area above the "view hole" to more clearly communicate to new players that this is an intended effect.

Actually make the cast bars on toggle abilities turn off when they are interrupted or turned off. I'm tired of having to look at my buff monitor to tell which bard song or cleric buff is running, or having to remember that my UI is lying to me.

Move the sub-combo skill cooldowns on to the hotbar so they overlap the primary skill icon. The current size/placement of subcombo cooldowns makes it difficult to tell at a glance (in combat) which subcombo skills are about to come off cooldown, or even which skills they are if you have multiple combo abilities next to one another on your hotbar.

Alternately, make those cooldown icons full size so we can at least see the icon. Alternately, let me choose whether I want to see the "main cooldown" for the starter skill or the finisher skills. If I choose "show combo finisher cooldowns on hotbar" have the pie/clock and number show me the cooldown for the last finisher I used, use the "flyover" for any alternate finishers still on cooldown, and have the grey/colored effect on the bar related to the combo starting skill. For example, if I use a 1-2 combo, with the first skill on an 8 second cooldown and the second skill on a 16 second cooldown, after using the full combo I will see a timer/pie that counts 16 seconds. After 8 seconds the icon will go from grey to colored while still counting the cooldown to tell me the starter skill is usable again but the finisher is still on cooldown.

Overhaul the buff/debuff icons. The homogenous color pallate and scaling at range makes it nearly impossible to tell what the icons are for any practical use cases when more than one person is buffing/debuffing a target. Buff/Debuff icons are a mess.

Color barriers with specific damage resistances/immunities to indicate what type of barrier it is or throw up flytext if my damage type impacts a same typed barrier (e.g. if I hit a crushing barrier with a crushing attack, pop up 'Crushing Barrier!' with the damage text)

Edited by PopeUrban


Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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