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Resource nodes (Diamonds)


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When I hover over the resource such as knot-wood, I see diamonds (1, 2 or 3 of them)  what do they represent.

I mostly see resources with 2 of them, but my woodland grove trees have 3 diamonds

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That's the rank of plentiful harvest you have for that type of node. Plentiful harvest is not granular, and those diamonds express a rank form 1 to 5.

Plentiful harvest upgrades what you're getting out of the node to a higher rank of loot table. A higher plentiful harvest rank is the most important harvesting stat, as each rank grants a larger quantity and rarity of drops at each break point of the node as the basic result of the loot table.

You can gain plentiful harvest from training, discs, potions, and being in a party where the leader is running harvesting leadership buffs. There are multiple ways to reach the cap of five, and a fully trained harvester in a specific resource will reach plentiful 5 without the need for buffs with the proper harvesting disc, while less skilled harvesters can reach it with those buffs.

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