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Welcome to the Crowfall community!


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This forum area is a place for new community members to seek and share information.

Please note that our decision to keep the posting community limited to those who have purchased a Crowfall® starter pack means that your forum access will be Read-Only with the exception of this “Welcome to Crowfall” section. Your posting access to this section will end after 30 days unless you become an official backer, and we hope that by then you will be as excited about the game as we are!

Also note that we have some measures in place to help thwart spam posts. For the first 24-hours after registering your crowfall.com account, you will only be able to post once. After that initial waiting period, you will be able to post without restriction within the “Welcome to Crowfall” forum for 30 days.

For your convenience, we’ve listed some important links below, but we encourage you to click around and explore our community forums and the Crowfall website for yourself. 

We’re happy to have you here. Thanks for checking out Crowfall!
The Crowfall Team


Social Media


Note: Forum veterans are welcome to participate here, as well, but with the understanding that this section will be strictly moderated in order to make newcomers feel more welcome. 

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