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The Trust Spectrum - Official Discussion Thread

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That was a big read, and I have to admit I was only able to skim the last 1/3 of the article since lunch hour is exactly that.

I'm curious as to @jtoddcoleman thoughts on trust levels and how that factors into CF's design.  Siege type games are similar to PvE raiding games in that they attract people with the ability and expectation to work in highly coordinated groups.  Of course, failure in a raid just means you don't get phat loots - in a PvP environment you can lose gear or even your home.  That seems to push CF's endgame pretty high on the trust and risk scales.

And what about the low trust entry into this game?  Similar to the soccer analogy, can an new solo player drop in to CF an kick the ball around and develop skills quick enough to survive?  If not, the player base may not be sustainable as new players are always needed to replace attrition.

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I talked about this earlier in a thread about the Vassalage system.  There is a system that can be more than a admin list of rights.  Don't get me wrong, homage and vassalage that was used in the Middle Ages. was a list of rights.  However, that list of laws was a two way street instead of a top down relationship.  The person on top needed those men under him to protect his land and interests.  The men under another needed rights and protection from competitors at their level or above.  Those lower level lords need to protect their own lands and interests.  A successful liege lord expanded his domain and the dominion of his faithful. 

Just seems to me that if you want to build trust relationships that you would model it after the medieval design.  Especially in a game that is emulating Game of Thrones  socially and politically.  It isn't like the human condition has changed from the Middle Ages. People are still people.  The Victorian ideal of knightly virtue and men in shining armor is exactly that, an idealized fantasy.  There were always violent and heartless nobles.  They rose up the social hierarchy by surplanting their weak and marginalized "betters".

The real currency in CF just like in real life is always able bodied men.  How many people can you bring to remove those that oppose you?  Who is willing to step back up to the line after getting their body wrecked and their face bloodied?  I can take away all of your toys and destroy all of your good works if I have enough hardened cutthroats.


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That was a fascinating read. I wonder how much Koster's theories about trust levels contributed to Crowfall's campaigns and their rulesets. Campaigns certainly seem like an easy way to cover a broad spectrum of trust levels in a single game: just make servers that play by different rules entirely. God's Reach is your pick-up game of soccer in the street, everyone independently chasing the ball; the Dregs are your professional games with experienced, practiced and highly coordinated teams.

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