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02/12/15 - The Confessor, God History & Pricing Faq

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Hey gang,
This morning, we're submitting a few new items that may be of interest: 

- The Confessor Archetype page -- first of our spell casters.


- As indicated in the same narrative, the the Confessors have a rather... unique view on the origin of the Hunger, and the way it should be dealt with.  


- We're including two concepts for this class (for both genders) but unfortunately, no screenshot yet. That's because the Confessor character are still being worked on.  (Remember -- Crowfall is still in early development.)


- Additionally, we're passing along our first significant piece of lore; ancient text that details the origin of the Universe, and the machinations of the earliest of Valkyn's children in War of the Gods (Part 1).


- and, lastly, we're unveiling details in our Pricing FAQ on how we intend to charge for the game, once it is released.


As always, keep those opinions (and forums posts!) coming...


J Todd Coleman

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

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Today's Summary.

  • Crowfall is Buy to Play (Buy once).
  • Players who want to support Crowfall can pay subscription of 15 dollars / month for perks.
  • Check the "Pricing FAQ".
  • Each Crowfall account gets 3 character slots, and 1 character passive training slot.
  • Additional character slots, and Personal Player Kingdom (EK) size and population cap can be increased with micro-transactions.
  • Microtransactions are purely cosmetic, or offer additional character slots (Besides the initial 3 slots).
  • Inquisitor looks like an order archetype.
  • Huge lore dump, lovely.
  • Gaea and Arkyn made love, their children was the race of men, and later on, the Elken.
  • Prince D’Orion the Sky Hunter the first [Elken].
  • Gaea and Arkyn didn't really love each other.


Lore.   All speculation.

  • Arkyn got angry at Kane and challenged him to a Duel (Kane killed Gaea?  *Brings out popcorn*)
  • Kane was miserable about the fact he killed Gaea, and wished to end his life by showing up to the fight without a weapon.
  • D' Orion was super angry that Kane killed his mommy Gaea so he tried to gank him.
  • Kane finished off D'Orion in one blow because he was surprised, without a weapon, Kane is badass.
  • Arkyn still hates Kane.  I feel so bad for Kane.
  • Stoneborn look just like Kane...Kane...everyone hates Kane..."Bastard sons of the Wretched God – I shall not honor him by name", Kane is the daddy of the Stoneborn!
  • Elken might actually be Hunters, perhaps they hunt purely for sport since D'Orion, the first Elken, and apparently demigod now slain by Kane was the Sky Hunter.


I am really glad there is a "subscription option", since I can now finally offer a subscription.  Also incredibly nice of the Devs to make the game Buy to Play so people don't need to dedicate that much money to casual play.

Edited by sneaky_squirrel

How Can Mounts Add to the Crowfall Experience?  Caravans, Hunting Boars, and more.


How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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I never played them in SB, but I always thought they were bad bottom**.  /respect for 'fessor players - I know you guys didn't have poorly made socks for CC/escapability.


Couldn't have asked for a better payment model.  It's exactly what I was saying I preferred in other "payment" threads.


**Why is hooligan allowed, but just bottom isn't?  They mean the same thing ffs...

Edited by mourne
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Oh my. The one class i was hoping to see, ranged sorceror type heavy on intellect and light on strength. This is my usual fav class. And it turns out to be a zealot? Lol. Idk if i like that but if it turns out this is the only type of sorcerer/ranged class available, i guess a zealot i shall be lol.

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3. What do I get for buying the game?

You get a digital copy of the game and one active game account, which you can use to connect to the live game service.

Each game account allows for three characters, and one “passive training” slot that you can use to train one of your characters – even when you are offline.




Three character slots.  This is the exact number we gravitated to here on the forums.  Just enough to give variety of playstyle and access to rulesets.  Not too much to dissuade a second account.  Nice choice.


Passive training ala EvE.  Have three character slots with passive training is a nice way to get the hardcore players to buy a monthly sub, while still being noob friendly.  I like the approach as it hits all audiences.



Priority Access to all game servers



With VIP access comes queue jumping.  I expect this will be like GW2 in that on server reset night there were long lines to get into the fresh WvW battlegrounds.  In CF, if you want to get in to a fresh world you better consider a VIP sub.  Again, another nice gesture to the hardcore player who will need to get in with his guild, while the casual might instead float around wherever a game is available.

Edited by ren


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Not going to lie, I saw pricing FAQ and thought to myself "they're going to talk about crowd funding prices". Nope.

The sadness.

Edited by Helix
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9. Can I trade VIP membership tickets to other players?

Yes. This means that people who purchase the game, but don’t want to pay a monthly subscription, can still become VIP members by providing goods and services to other players.


QUESTIONS:  Will there be an established and formal ingame market for VIP vouchers?  Think of WildStar CREDD exchange.  Or will it be up to players to manually trade.  And how are VIP vouchers introduced into the game?  Is there a cash shop where anyone can purchase as many as they want for ingame use?

Edited by ren


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VIP membership gets "behind the scene" access to game development- very curious on how that works, and when it will start :o

Maybe a private forum with direct access to devs? or first access to Betas and tests on new content after launch? Intriguing no doubt. 

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