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Shadowbane and Wizard101: odd bedfellows

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What's a shadowbane?

Something Canadians aren't qualified for.

You are so incredibly helpful, CYT. I don't know how I ever managed to do anything before we met. I was just bumbling my way through life, all lost-like. Thank you. My blessing cup runneth over.


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I need some intellectual stimulation apart from "oooh I'm gonna do this to you or that to you" or "bow to my supremacy". Lol


Sorry but it's simply too childish.


I've played pure PvP games for many years and I'm totally used to smack talk so I'm not squeamish. Just that it's soooo ... well so yesterday.


It's fine I get what you guys are up to and it's a form of entertainment for sure but just saying it's all looking a little too outdated and jaded.

Outdated and jaded sums up SB and its community perfectly.

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There seems to be an assumption by some that Crowfall is going to be SB2.  If it isn't, a lot of this discussion is moot.  There will also be players coming from other MMOs, and presumably some new features and mechanics.  I think it will be interesting and not one-sided at all.

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You'll fit right in :)


it's almost like when you turn on the discovery channel and see a herd of wildebeest crossing a crocodile infested river. you know what's going to happen, you know it will be bloody but you just can't turn away.

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You make alot of sense in your posts and I strongly agree.   I believe the W101 community is somewhat disappointed and yes, hurt, that perhaps THIS is not what they envisioned from J Todd.   You can not say enough times THIS IS NOT WIZZY WORLD, but there will be some that will hold on to the hope they can turn it into one.  And they will be the ones with the burned houses with all their stuff being looted.  And they will return back to the spiral where they are "safe".  No harm done.  I never thought J Todd would produce  a product that would compete w/ W101  and I am sure he hasn't.  That being said at least here we will no longer hear " I need a girl"  being chanted over and over ad nauseum.  Not sure what these sb'ers NEED but I am sure they would just take it!  I kinda like them, they have personality and obviously skill.  And they are entertaining.  


seriously, where are you guys getting this stuff? no wizard player expects this to be anything like wiz101...anything at all. what you're doing here is called the straw man fallacy...problem is, fallacy has 3 syllables, i know that will be tough for some of you guys to sort through, but look it up. put a little effort into understanding why your perspective here makes zero sense.

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What's a shadowbane?




The Blade and the Hilt: The Forging of Shadowbane

For four Ages of the World the Dwarves have labored in the deeps, and every day they sing the tale of Shadowbane's mighty forging.

Fresh from the Field of Sorrow did Thurin return to the Halls of Haganduur, the greatest stronghold of his children, and stood before his mighty forge at the core of the World. To him he called the seven Forge Masters, oldest of all the Dwarves, greatest in skill and craft of his children. Long they worked, grinding adamant, truesteel, and truesilver from the Bones of the World, and stoking the fire in Thurin's forge until it shone as the newborn Sun.

Thurin melted the shavings of those mighty metals, and fusing them into a new metal altogether. Into the mixture Thurin cast the shaft of Callanthyr, which had been wrought in the Void of Chaos out of dark elements outside the Universe. The alloy which was born in Thurin's forge was never given a name, and never again has the World seen its like. Thurin sang a great song as he worked, and put all of his strength, the strength of Earth, into the metal. And at the last, when the blank was made and the mold broken, Thurin took the metal to the First Anvil, and set to forging a great blade. So strong was the brand that Thurin's hammer could barely dent it, even when it shone white hot. And so Thurin took his forging hammer in both hands, and all the seven Forge Masters held the tongs, for it took the strength of all seven to hold the blade in place against the force of Thurin's blows. A thousand thousand times the blade was hammered, then heated, then folded asunder and hammered again. And all the while the Dwarves watched, and learned, and sang songs praising their father's craftsmanship.

When at last the mighty blade was finished, Thurin picked it up in his bare left hand and wandered far in the deeps, the hot steel shining like a torch. Finally he came near to that cave where the Dragon lay, wounded, bleeding from its eye. Thurin found a stream of the Dragon's blood and dipped the blade in to quench it. The touch of the white hot steel had not caused the Shaper the slightest harm, but the blood of the Dragon was too much even for Thurin's fortitude to withstand. The foul blood burned Thurin's hand unto the bone as he held the metal in, but never did the Shaper wince or flinch. As so was Thurin's left hand scarred, and he did go forth after with that hand gloved. Thus quenched in Dragon's blood Thurin drew out the great blade, and the metal was charred, black as the deepest shadow.

Once the mighty blade was finished, Thurin sent his children to seek Malog throughout the deeps, while the Shaper himself remained at Haganduur and wrought a great gift for his brother Godling. The Dwarves wandered far, and finally found Malog lying wounded in a cave by the sea, writhing in pain, hiding his ruined face in darkness. Thurin went to his brother, and learned how terrible Malog's wounds had been. The Warrior also told the Shaper of the crushing sorrow that lay upon his heart. "My bride is cruelly slain, and the Golden Moon that my heart so loved is no more," the Warrior said, "what cause have I to live now?"

"Life is its own cause." the Shaper answered. "I was never blessed with a wife, so I cannot fathom your distress. You live, brother. Let that be your comfort, for as long as you live, Volliandra's memory shall endure." And then Thurin gave to Malog the mask that he had wrought, a wondrous gift of gold and silver. "Wear this, my brother, and not a creature in the World can deny that you are the handsomest of the Gods." Thurin's words and his gift brought comfort to Malog's troubled soul, and he gave the Shaper a gift in return: a lock of Volliandra's golden hair that the warrior had clutched tight in his hand even through the inferno. It was the only fragment of the golden Moon to survive the Dragon's Wrath. "Your gift does me great honor, brother," Thurin spake, "and I shall use it to avenge the wife you have so cruelly lost."

Thurin took his leave of Malog and returned to Haganduur. At his forge he took the lock of the Goddess' Hair and spun it into wire, bright and fair yet harder than steel. Thurin melted the wire in his forge and fashioned a hilt for his masterwork, cruelly barbed yet fair to behold. And as he worked Thurin sang mighty spells that coiled around the hilt, spells of Light, of Law, and of Power. When the work was done Thurin joined the hilt to the blade, and the gold shone forth with the mingled light of the dead Moon and the newborn Sun. Seven Runes of Power were graven on the blade, each the life's work of one of the seven Forge Masters. Thurin honed its edge on the Bones of the World. The darkness of the blade was balanced by the radiance of the hilt, and the Chaos stuff of Callanthyr was bound forever into a new form, ordered by the Shaper's will and vision.

At last the mighty effort was finished, and the time had come to test the blade. Thurin took the sword and held it high, then brought it down upon his great anvil, the heart of the First Forge. And lo! There was a flash like lightning and a shock like thunder, and the World itself did tremble. The Dwarves were hurled from their feet, and when they rose, they saw that the shining blade had cleaved through the entire anvil, wrought of solid adamant, and cut even through the great granite stone beneath it! The Dwarves wondered at the power of this mighty blade, and finally Thurin spoke, breaking the heavy silence.

"Never again shall I make so wondrous a work," spoke Thurin to his children, "and never again shall I put hammer to an Anvil. I must go now. Mine hand is ruined, my forging days are done." And the Dwarves mourned this news, but Thurin spoke further. "I bid you, good my children, to remember well all that I have taught you, and to build new forges. In them craft more great weapons like this one, so that the children of the All-Father might prevail against The Dragon should the Terror ever rise again." And so Thurin drew out the blade, took it from the forge, and walked out of the Halls of Haganduur. And ever after, from that day before days unto this, Thurin's children have worked in the shadow of the First Anvil, forging mighty weapons at their father's command.

And so Thurin came again to the surface of the World, and found the lands withering in the heat of the New Sun. Long he sought the Elves, and found them at last dwelling far from the Plain of Sorrows, where the trees still stood thick and twilight still ruled. There came he at last to Caras Gallinon, the New City, where he found Sillestor seated on the Throne of Stars. Sillestor welcomed Thurin with great ceremony, and told him of the strife that had befallen the Elves in the days since the Dragon's defeat. All of the heirs of the First King had fallen before The Dragon's wrath, and where at the World's flowering there had been one mighty folk, now four of Elves nations vied for mastery. Thurin cared little for the intrigues of the Elves, however. The Shaper told the fair king that he had come to keep his oath, made at Hennan Gallorach beneath the newborn Sun. And then Thurin drew forth the sword, with blade was dark as midnight and a hilt that shone with the Sun's brilliance, and all the Elves were struck dumb with wonder.

"Here is the greatest blade that ever shall be forged," Thurin spoke, "a light to hold back the Shadow of Oblivion. To a sundered weapon of Chaos I have brought Order, and what I have wrought cannot be unmade. All the strength of earth and wrath of fire is bound within its edge. Tempered in the Dragon's Blood, its light is the light of the Golden Moon, which the Dragon's fire destroyed. Its edge will cleave the flesh even of that great Terror. Stand in the shadow of fear no longer, fair Elf Lord. Now you and your folk are free."

Sillestor rejoiced, and took the blade. "Shadowbane I name you," the Elf-King said, "may you be the doom of all that is evil." And so Thurin left the Elves, and wandered long both on the World and under it.



You know this thread needed some SB lore thrown in.

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Let me ask you as a Wizard player if you guys do this:

1. As a Guild require as a member of said guild to be in voice coms whenever you log into the game.

2. Your guild requires that you have at least 1 toon on your account that is what SB players call a spec toon. Said spec toon you have to play for the GvG, siege pvp of the game. The spec is decided by your guilds Guild Leader (GL) and Inner Council (IC) and is to the point where they tell you what race the character has to be, what stats at start up it has to take, what skills it has to train.


If you guys do not come close to that standard and Crowfall turns out to be a GvG/Siege open PvP game you will be so far behind the SB guilds it will not be funny and you will be easy meat for them.


As an example here is a Spec from an SB guild when I played on the SBEmu server:


Class: Sentinel

Race: Half Giant


Starting Runes:


Raised by Dwarves

Tough Hide


In game runes:



Stats at lvl 75


Str 160/160

Dex 35/65

Con 140/140

Int 60/85

Spirit 25/60




Hammer - 148%

Athletics - 34%

Toughness - 126%

Parry - 122%

Abjuration - 116%

Heavy Armor - 100%

Great Hammer Mastery - 70%




Sentinel's Charge 40 trains

Dangriel's might 40 trains

Exalted Word of Binding 40 trains

Ur Rune 20 trains


That toon I had to make (or another from the list for that spec group) to that specification and play it at all mine fights (GvG pvp) and all Banes (Siege PvP).

I think some of this might have been put on wiz to 

level 100






resist-44%storm- 44%fire-44%ice-24%myth-24%-life-24%death-24%balance




armor piercing-8%

power pip-88%

shadow pips-3%

stun resist-0%

heal in\out-13%/17%

2nd school star-sun-life

when I have him set like this he is a glass cannon kinda useless in 1v1 but put a healer next to him and he can wreck some ****

I learned a lot on how to build a toon from this game it help in a lot of mmo

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I am not saying it isn't, I think Todd Coleman is trying to appeal to both communities but no it probably won't be exactly like Shadowbane. Similar, but similar in the sense that there are hundreds of fantasy setting MMOs with a PvP centric theme, hell there are minecraft servers that fit that criteria. But again you guys aren't the only ones thinking he is making a sequel for you, some people act like this is equally Wizard102

Nope. https://twitter.com/CrowfallGame/status/552931790491373568


My advice: 


Shadowbane folks: some of the Wizard folks haven't played a game like this before.  Some of them will hate it.  Some of them will love it.  Please don't be asshats and scare them off before they have a chance to figure out which group they fall into.


Wizard folks: some of the Shadowbane people can be abrasive.  They're also some of the most passionate, skilled gamers that you'll ever meet, and playing with them can be an absolute blast.

I be thinkin' this game be much more like th' Shadowbane.


[based on the information I've seen, I believe Todd is channeling his inner PvP side into this game and is trying to create a 2015 successor to Shadowbane.  He welcomes any of his followers from other games (as should we, more players = more pvp), but he won't be changing this game to fit their needs.]

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Nope. https://twitter.com/CrowfallGame/status/552931790491373568



I be thinkin' this game be much more like th' Shadowbane.


[based on the information I've seen, I believe Todd is channeling his inner PvP side into this game and is trying to create a 2015 successor to Shadowbane.  He welcomes any of his followers from other games (as should we, more players = more pvp), but he won't be changing this game to fit their needs.]

While that's fair of a judgment, keep in mind Coleman actually says some wizard players. There's a bunch of wizard players that could definitely rival some of the Shadowbane players.


I'm not too worried about the odd banter and rivalry brewing between the SBs and the Wizards, since it's a new game and everyone's basically starting from ground zero. Yeah, some people might have more of an advantage, that's natural. But let's put it this way: An advantage doesn't always make you win. I'm not denying that there's the possibility of either the Wizards or the Shadowbane players from beating out the others for the top players, but it's tough to call it before anything substantial about the game has been released. At this point, it's more of a put your money where your mouth is, and bring it on from both sides. Once the game's out, then bragging and trash talking can actually count for something.


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