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Splatter Guild Rocks


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I don't want to run a guild.  But I don't want to inadvertantly join a guild run by a Tyrant.   So I setup a Westminster system where the guild members can vote in (and vote out) leaders, and I am just a token figurehead (the Governor General).  Check out a draft consititution at https://splatter.guild.rocks/constitution.html

If that sounds like a good idea to you... and especially if you aspire to leadership, please consider joining.

I operate out of New Zealand so I'd probably be preferring US West and Oceania campaigns.

Current guild membership:   1

We have website, I will make it much better where voting can take place (I code for a living).  We have discord.

About me: I am 48yo in New Zealand, I code for a living, and will have a website where voting can take place.  I'm also building a hobby MMO.

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