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<Ghosts Of War>, Coming To A Server Near You

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GoW was started in 2002 and has been active in multiple games across multiple servers since our founding, including Shadowbane, RIFT, WoW, SW:TOR, Age of Conan, EVE, Darkfall, GW2 and more. We are a mature guild (with immature chat) with members from all walks of life and a strong active duty and former US Military representation in our ranks. We are not a mass recruiting zerg, nor do we ally ourselves with the same. We prefer to keep membership below 50 members to maximize our coordination and performance as well as to weed out the bad eggs.

We had around a dozen members active in the Alpha as Archeum Pack Founders, and we successfully executed our plans for Headstart and claimed massive tracts of land pieces strategically located in Cinderstone and Dewstone. GoW has a long history of successful game launches tracking back to when Shadowbane released the Entropy server and we planted 4 cities in 2 days to control the center island of the map FOR THE ENTIRE TIME THE SERVER WAS OPEN.

We successfully executed our plans for Auroria and carved out a large chunk of land for the guild which we are in the process of divesting ourselves from now in order to focus efforts on our home turf in a pvp zone. Auroria was a bust for the majority of the server and we only need 1 house to bind in to grind mobs.

Website & Forums: www.gowgaming.com
VOIP Server: Mumble 
Recruiting: YES

Join us if you like it when people whisper hate to you after they die. We don't talk trash, but we do screenshot it and put it in our galleries. Most who hate us lost packs to us and haven't ever recaptured them, and rage and being killed when outnumbering us. 

Come drink tears with us, you'll see just how sweet they really are. We aren't going anywhere...

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List of people from the SB days who are probably moving here when the time comes (and currently playing AA with us on Naima).





Lightly Armored Vehicle (Wargasmo)










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And we picked up so many quality people over the last 13 years from WoW, SWTOR, ArcheAge, RIFT, etc etc etc that I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this is going to be.


Oh, and GoW for life.


Unless the devs screw it all up.  Then I'm punching a baby in the face until Proto pays ransom money.

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Hey so...really.

Factions are evil. No, they are.  Factions and WoW-centric thinking is the enemy of any game.  PvP should be open. Looting should be open.  and...bacon. We must have bacon.

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Denmark dials in to AA in Texas (server hub) at 70-130 depending on the day and not using WTFast. Our Alaskans ping out in the 100-150 range with leatrix.


Our Aussies use WTFast tunneling to get super low ping.

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