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sigilie & parchmentpaper

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have built a rune-deed and have the complete research-tree through for rune-crafting.
now there are components like sigilie and parchment paper i dont know where to get/find/craft.

additional question: is there any wiki or something where all that crafting-deed-stuff is explainen ?

dont know what the enchanting-deed is for or the intermediate-deed. (have already built a blacksmith-deed and a woodcrafting deed as necessary  for crafting some daggers....)
dont also know, what all these metalls and wood-sorts are for. oak wood seams to be best for weapon-components, but am not shure....
have only made the iron-research-branch , because
somehow seams to be the best for weapons, but whats about armours ??




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You can also craft parchemnt (and any components from the various crafting schools that don't have a skill requirement, and even some that do if you have that skill trained) at the intermediate crafting table.

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