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Healer looking for Guild

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I'm looking for a friendly/team-orient guild that's focused on competitive gameplay, with a goal to seize and hold territory.  I usually play, and prefer playing, a healer class.  I have years of experience playing a healer in games like WoW, Guild Wars 2, and Global Agenda.  Also have played games such as Eve Online and World of Tanks.  I'm big on team-play and willing to help and learn from others.  I'm still figuring out what healer class to play (leaning towards Druid, but also interested in Cleric).


About me:

- 30+ years old, married w/kids

- Active-duty military

- US East Coast Timezone

- Have mic/TS3/Mumble/Discord/etc.


Very Respectfully,



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Welcome to Crowfall.

I suggest you to write your post also on this thread.

Wishing you find a guild suitable for yourself.

Catelyn: War will make them old, as it did us. I pity them.
Mathis: Why? Look at them. They're young and strong, full of life and laughter. And lust, aye, more lust than they know what to do with. There will be many a bastard bred this night, I promise you. Why pity?
Catelyn: Because it will not last. Because they are the knights of summer, and winter is coming.

A Clash of Kings, Chapter 22, Catelyn II.

Crowfall Discord Channels: international (english) - italiano

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please disregard, this post


Once a guild invite is sent, it needs to be accepted on crowfall.com - Community tab/guild tab.

P.S. My favorite id druid, which healing class do you prefer

Thank You

Edited by Devonic

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